Planning a Cross-Country Trip? Use This Airbnb Guide

Whatever type of trip you’re planning (or would like to take in the future), you always need to be prepared. From knowing the route you’re going to take, the sights you’re going to see, and the money you plan to spend, you can never over-plan for a trip across America.

Part of the planning process can be tough. It’s hard to book things in advance without knowing for sure what day you’re going to arrive, as plans can always get backed up or delayed for many reasons. However, the more time and thought you give into making a fool-proof plan that allows for the possibility of delays, the better off you’ll be.

One of the biggest parts about planning a trip is knowing where you’re going to sleep every night. Some choose to stay in hotels, camp, or park in an RV lot, while others look for alternative options. One of those alternative options is Airbnb, which allows you to book someone’s room, apartment, condo, house, or more for however long you want.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from an Airbnb across the country, Joybird analyzed listings in different U.S. cities to determine the best (and worst) cities for Airbnb based on their price, rating, and more. This is a great resource for planning your trip. If you already know which cities you’re planning on staying in, you can use this to choose when it may be best to book an Airbnb.

If you plan on traveling along the West Coast of California, chances are you’ll be running into a lot of expensive Airbnbs. Most of the cheapest Airbnbs are in cities across the midwest and western states. Finding cheap alternatives to hotels can be tough, but by using this guide, you start your research ahead of your trip.

When it comes to Airbnbs, it’s also important to find a quality place to sleep. You want to book a place with not only good quality of the facility but also a welcoming and kind host. The majority of the highest-rated Airbnbs in this analysis are in the west. Many of the worst-rated Airbnbs are located in the northeast, however, others are spread around other states such as Miami, Florida,
Houston, Texas, and San Jose, California.

In addition to the average prices and ratings of Airbnbs across the country, the analysis includes the cities with the most Airbnbs listed as entire homes and the cities with the largest number of Airbnb listings. Both of these factors give you another great element to planning your trip. If you want multiple options, you can book in cities with thousands of listings. If you only want your own space and don’t want to share with the host or other people, you can plan to stay in an Airbnb in a city with a lot of full houses available.

Hopefully, this resource helps you plan a small part of an amazing trip. The experiences of a cross-country road trip will always be one to remember, but when you’re on the road for so long, you want to have a good place to sleep every night.

Good luck planning your trip and have an amazing time!