Know Your Betting Jargon

To make sure you are getting those big wins, you need to know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about. The world of sports betting is confusing and full of lingo, so here are some of the most frequently used phrases you should know for this daily bet and any other sporting wager.


Accumulator – a bet that has multiple selections (four or more). All selections must-win for the bet to be successful and for you to receive a return. This is a high-risk bet as if one selection falls short, the whole bet is lost, but the winning reflects the risk as they are much higher than general bets.

Odds – the chance of a bet coming through, according to a bookmaker. These are represented as probability allowing you to work out how much money you can win depending on how much you place down. 

For example, if the odds are 4/1 and you want to bet £1, with a 20% chance of winning, you will see a return of £4 if you do.

Betting exchange – this allows people to bet against other sporting fans, as opposed to betting against the bookmaker. The betting exchange is in the middle and takes a commission of the estimated winnings.

Draw no bet – if you pick a team to win and the game results in a draw.

Each way bet – placing a bet which involves a win and place a bet where the stake is split evenly. This allows you to receive a return if your team comes 1st-6th in a tournament you bet on them to win.

Scorecard betting – betting on the first player to score or how many goals will be scored in the game.

Horse Racing 

Ante-post – (also used in greyhound racing) placing a bet on a race before the racing betting market has opened. This is done so that the price of bets are cheaper as odds have not been released and that it is more favourable than it will be when that market opens.

Banker – used to describe a favourite horse in a particular race. If they are a banker, they are most likely to win the race and the odds on them will show this.

Bar – the lowest odds for horses that are not in the betting forecasts.

Co-favourite – two horses that have the same likelihood of winning a race.


Fight Outcome – betting on which boxer will win the fight and which move resulted in their victory, such as a particular move or disqualification. You are also betting as to whether you think they will win during the fight or whether they will fight all rounds.

Money line – this is the easiest bet to place. It means betting simply on a winner, not the moves or the details, but simply which fighter will win in the end.

Over/Under rounds – you pick how long you think the fight will last (how many rounds). Deciding whether a fight will last more or less than a certain number of rounds.