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JerkDolls is the ultimate sex simulator, which will let you explore all aspects of your sexuality with fully customizable characters and lots of kinks to choose from.

How to Explore Your Sexuality While Maintaining Social Distance?

If you’re one of the many guys and gals who are sexually active and enjoy their sexuality with all kinds of different partners, you might be suffering from a naughtiness withdrawal in these challenging times. Tinder is not our best friend anymore, because since with the pandemic, everyone abstains from hooking up with strangers they’ve met online. But that can take a huge toll on our sex life. The many things we used to experiment with are now unavailable to us. That’s why we created this short guide on how to maintain your sexual happiness without breaking social distancing recommendations.

It’s Time To Learn How To Naughty Text

Sexting is one of the most exciting ways in which we let each other know about our fantasies. Because we’re limited to just instant messages and sometimes a nude or two, we are forced to type out our deepest desires. Besides having the potential of being a fulfilling sexual experience if done properly, it’s also a way through which you can get to know your partner better. And here’s the secret to a good naughty texting session. All you have to do is write things that you think the other person would like to read. When you write a naughty text it’s not about you. It’s about the person you’re writing to. At the same time, your satisfaction will be granted by what they write. Don’t be selfish and think about what your partner would like to read. And don’t forget the compliments!

Skype Dates Can Be More Than Just Chatting

Skype is the best friend of anyone who is in a long-distance relationship. I know that because I’ve been in one and if you’ve also been in my position, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’m talking about naughty things you can do through the webcam. But for this to work, you don’t need to rush things. Don’t just show up naked in a Skype call. Just like in real life love-making, any naughty Skype session must have a bit of foreplay between the clothes come off. You can use our advice from the previous paragraph and you’ll get your partner where they need to be for this experience.

Adult Gaming Is The New Alternative Of Fulfilling The Deepest Desires

If you live for the thrill of trying something new in the bedroom, but you don’t have a partner during this pandemic, we can recommend something more interactive than adult movies. You should try playing some adult games instead. And we have the right game recommendation for you too. It’s called JerkDolls, and it’s the ultimate kink simulator. This title combines anal porn games, naughty roleplaying, dating scenarios and even experiments with the same sex in complex and interactive gameplay that offers everything you need for a fun time in front of your computer or mobile device.

Any method you would choose to help you go through social distancing while still meeting the needs you have for sexual experimentation. If you have any other ideas, please leave them into the comment section and we will discuss them together!