How to Make Your Dog Insta-Famous

Everyone is guilty of watching cute animal videos or cooing over adorable puppy pictures on Instagram. These days it’s common for dogs to have popular accounts that rival their owners. If your dog is destined for stardom, here is how to make your dog Insta-famous.

Be Unique

Dogs are fun, full of personality, and adorable in their own ways. Standing out on Instagram means leaving a lasting impression by highlighting a dog’s unique qualities. Perhaps the dog is a rare breed, has a quirky personality, can perform complicated tricks, or has cute antics that can melt any heart.

Post Consistently

Rising to Instagram fame in part relies on posting consistently. Post once to twice daily to grow a steady following but don’t go crazy posting nearly identical shots of the dog. The goal of posting is to get the audience to engage, so try posting at different times of the day to determine the optimal time for engagement.

In the early stages of building a popular profile, hashtags are a great way to get noticed. Owners should use general hashtags related to the dog’s breed, followed by hashtags related to the image. Many dog accounts use weekly hashtags like #Monday or #ThrowbackThursday, so follow suit and do the same. Become familiarized with various hashtags within the dog account community and take note of applicable non-dog-related hashtags.

Captions are also important when posting quality photos and videos. The caption should work with the image and be catchy enough to engage followers and encourage them to re-post. A picture says a lot, but it can quickly elevate to the next level with the right caption.

Practice Taking Photos

Practice makes perfect and getting the perfect shot of a moving subject takes skill. Owners know their dogs best and need to know how to capture the true essence of their furry companions. Practice taking photos in different lighting, settings, and contexts. If the dog has a big personality find the right way to show it off. There’s no pressure to be a master photographer, but have fun learning how to work with the dog in front of a camera and practice getting candid, effortless-looking shots.

Work with the dog’s personality and don’t force them to do things they don’t want to. If the dog is too energetic to pose for the camera, get accustomed to candid shots. There are plenty of unique apps available to help capture and create awesome, sharable photos. Apps like Text2Pic feature fonts and designs, Layout creates photo collages, and Snapseed lets users manipulate lighting and filters.

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Engage the Insta-Community

Engaging with the Insta-community means following followers and taking the time to engage with their profiles. The more people that engage with a profile, the more opportunity a user has to influence the community for good. There are plenty of furry philanthropists on Instagram supporting and advocating for various animal charities.

Attending pop-up dog events is a smart networking idea. Owners get to meet other Insta-famous pets and can gain invites to other events. Socializing dogs is good for them, and there are plenty of opportunities to capture adorable photos and videos of furry stars interacting and playing together.

Not all dogs are naturals in social situations and may take some time to feel comfortable. Owners getting used to socializing their dogs should use a sturdy, reliable harness from Their veterinarian-approved harnesses are designed to be comfortable and non-irritating for dogs and have different hooks to discourage dogs from pulling while walking. The best part about Joyride Harness is that a portion of each purchase goes toward feeding and raising a dog in need.