How to Improve Your Dating Odds on Apps When You’re Short

The classic attractive man is tall, dark, and handsome. You’re never going to hear a woman say she’s looking for a man who is short, dark, and handsome… But that doesn’t mean she would turn one down. 

If you’re a short guy, you are probably well aware of the social stigma. Our culture wants you to be taller than anyone you date, because you are supposed to be “dominant” and as a man, you are “supposed” to be taller than women. How are you supposed to meet the perfect woman if she’s taller than you?

Misconceptions About Short Men

Indeed, according to studies, women typically perceive shorter men as less masculine. But hope is not lost. All you have to do is show her how you express masculinity in a different way. 

Are you calm, composed, and confident? Are you forward and flattering? Do you accept yourself and take pride in your appearance? Are you good at making money? Maybe you excel at building/creating/doing things? Do you have a sense of humor that keeps everyone laughing? If you can find confidence in yourself and show that, it’s going to go a long way with women.

Honesty is the Best Policy

So, if you’re using dating apps, do be completely up front about your height. And then, show your confidence. If she senses your insecurity, that’s a cue to her that she shouldn’t think of you in a sexual way. Do NOT let that happen. And don’t overdo it either—play it cool, keep things smooth. 

You don’t need to brag about how much you can bench press. Just let her know that staying fit makes you feel great, and make sure she gets a glimpse of your physique. 

How Women Feel About Short Guys

Next, you need to get past imagery. You need to get her to FEEL something. Something tingly. You’re going to have to find just the right words to make a girl horny. Women are extremely sensual. They absolutely will prioritize the signals from their bodies over the thoughts in their brains. 

For example, “He’s cute but he’s so short” simply slips away the moment you make her feel horny. Now she’s in sense-mode, and your height does not matter. Soon you’ll be meeting up, and it will be even easier to engage her senses and show her what makes you a man she wants to keep around.

Lots of women who think they wouldn’t date a man shorter than them end up changing their minds. It is something many women are very much willing to let go of. If you are perfect for her, you don’t mess with her head, you pleasure her (in bed and out), and you make her feel whole, then who cares if you’re 5’4”?

Lesser Known Benefits

It can even give a woman confidence to date a shorter man, not because she feels superior, but because she knows she’s choosing you for YOU. She’s brave enough to reject social norms and say, “Hey world, here’s the man I’m crazy about. He’s perfect.” 

Another benefit for her is that she will suffer SO much less neck strain if you’re close to her height, and you will never know the annoyance of stooping to kiss a girl. The ease of holding hands and meeting lips can be quite a win, and a nice side benefit that lots of couples never get to experience.

Your height should not stop you from catching the attention of the woman of your dreams. If she will overlook you as a person because of your height, she’s not the one, so there’s no big loss there anyway… The perfect woman is waiting for you.