It is believed that binary options are an easy way to make money with minimal investment and fabulous profits. These tricks are performed by a huge number of marketers, and they and marketing experts to solve the problem of creating a flow of clients.

Financial markets are acquired by thousands of new users every day, but 5% of them achieve success at best. And it is not that binary options are simple, but Forex is complicated. No, how to become a binary options trader without learning about Forex, stock market, economic performance, technical analysis and God knows how much more, of course brokers will tell you, but it will only remind you of the truth remotely.


Some of them think that having found themselves somewhere near with a huge amount of money, they also have a good chance, while others learn, acquire skills and improve their professionalism on a daily basis. The latter are the 5% who not only achieve success, but also get a tool that can bring money for the rest of their lives. And who does not dream of retiring to lie down under a palm tree and make a couple of deals a day to perfectly live this life? Especially since having the Internet is not a problem now, no matter where the palm tree is.

So how do you become a trader from scratch? And how much time and money do you need to spend on this? To do this, you need to go through five stages, and how much time they will take – the question is individual. As for the money, there are two items of expenditure: the first is the merged deposits, the second is the cost of books, training and other auxiliary tools, which in a large account is available free of charge, but professionals collect and give all this in a chewed up form.


Each trader develops his strategy based on his preferences, knowledge, skills and it is impossible to transfer this knowledge. Successful traders recommend using Hanging man strategy. And everything seems to be simple – set three indicators and follow the instructions. But instructions do not work in trading, because the brain cannot clone and implant another person, and neural connections are formed through the activity. That is active actions in the chosen direction. Of course, it does not mean that you have to give up everything and not listen to anyone’s advice. No. It is necessary to try very carefully, complement the strategy with your strokes, and then over time it is possible and will earn.

Another “ambush” with strategies is that the market is very volatile. Barely any pattern appears on the chart – everything turns upside down. And the annoyance is overwhelming: “Well, yesterday it was like this, but today it is different. It is clear that under such conditions, no strategy is able to produce a stable result.


So, marketers have done their job and a newcomer is curiously looking at the broker’s website. It doesn’t matter how many brokers he has seen before, whether he studied our rating or just got “on the ball”. Everything looks “delicious”, simple and highly profitable. Dreams take him far into the bright future, where he is no longer a representative of office plankton, and even worse – a handyman on the construction site, and majestically passes on his own Mercedes with a personal driver past this office or construction site. Or just lying under a palm tree, even though it’s a long way to retirement.

The broker offers to try trading on the game account for free and about a miracle!!! From thousands of dollars in a few days, a beginner trader makes 10-20-50 thousand dollars. Everything is ingeniously simple! It has long been known, but why didn’t I know about this wonderful instrument before? I would have been looking for a driver by now!

Fear of lost profit pushes such a novice from behind and he dares to make his first deposit. Trading is boycotted – everything is simple when the price has fallen on the chart – we buy Call option, and when it has grown – Put. This is the “breath of the market” – quotes go up and down, up and down. Earnings are gone, and even managed to withdraw something.

Usually this stage takes about a month. It is called “newcomers are lucky”, or there is another statement of the cellars, who like it better. As soon as “beginner’s luck” is over, AD begins. One transaction after another turns out to be unprofitable, the deposit is merged, the second, third … and along with the lost money two thoughts come: “the broker is specially mutating the water” and “shit, in the course you have to learn”. In this place, the second stage begins.


This is what lies on the surface, on any site hanging banners, and “facebook” flickers advertising from another guru trader and a group of like-minded people that there are magical signals on which you can make deals and live long, rich and as a consequence, happy.

Let’s try it. Paid, free, we fill the bumps, keep statistics about which ones work better, get disappointed, send all the “guru” and go looking for more serious options.


Daily improvement of what is. Yes, professionalism is something that does not tolerate stagnation, something that does not survive in the swamp. The world is changing very fast, and financial markets are even faster.

It becomes absolutely irrelevant whether to use binary options, forex trading, stock exchanges, futures or options. All this with equal chances of success can bring income if it is in the hands of a professional.

The dream that over time, the trader creates for himself a button “Money” crashes on the cliffs of harsh reality. A professional is a person who learns every day and improves his skills every day. But for this he gets a lot. A professional in any sphere gets at least a good pension of respect and material security, a professional in trading gets an opportunity to earn until the last day of his life.