Here’s a More Convenient Way to Renew Your Green Card

When it comes to having to file an immigration form, mistakes are easily made. Although mistakes do happen, they can have serious consequences, such as being delayed or denied entry into the USA. One of the common mistakes that people living in the USA make is that they forget to renew their permanent residence card. This can create major challenges for them, for things like re-entering the country to problems with helping relatives become U.S residents.

This is something which you should be planning on avoiding, you don’t want to create unnecessary challenges for something which can easily be sorted. The best thing to do, is if you think that your green card is going to expire, then you start the process of renewing your permanent residence card within six months of the expiration date. If it is going to expire soon, then you can easily use a i 90 form online. This is a fast, secure and more convenient way to renew your green card. Keep on reading to find out how. 

How to Renew a Green Card Online

If you have a permanent resident card that has expired or will expire in the next six months, then you can begin the renewal process. There are many ways that you can begin the renewal process. Most people use to file a paper Form I-90 and then mail their application, however, this takes time. It’s a lot quicker to apply to replace your permanent resident card by sorting out an online e-filing Form I-90.

If you are planning on renewing your green card online, then you will need to make sure that you fill in all your details correctly (just as you would a normal paper form). You can create an account on the internet and sort your application that way. You should make sure that you are able to upload evidence (as this will be requested based on the information you give). You will then have to review and provide a digital signature. Once this is all done you can pay and submit. It’s simple really.  

Who Can Replace a Green Card Online?

According to USCIS, there are certain cases where immigrants can submit a I-90 Form. For starters, if a green card has been lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated then you can easily replace your green card online. You can also replace your green card if the name or biographical information on the card has changed. So, if you have just gotten married, or have moved home, then you need to make sure that you update your green card.

It doesn’t just stop here though, there are many other cases where people can replace their green card. Obviously, if their green card has expired or will expire then they need to get it replaced (and this is something which they can easily do online). If you are unsure about being eligible to replace a green card, then you can double check online. It’s a good idea to do this, as there are some people who are not eligible to renew a green card online. 

Who is Not Eligible to Renew a Green Card Online?

Renewing a green card is not always so straightforward for some people. It’s a bit more difficult for people who obtained a temporary green card through marriage and want to remove the condition on the permanent resident status using Form I-751 (this is a different form to Form I-90). It can also be tough for people who cannot afford to pay the required fee and have requested a fee waiver. As you can see there is a lot more that goes into replacing a green card. However, by replacing a green card online it can make things a lot easier and is more convenient for most people. If you are thinking of renewing your green card though, then it might be worthwhile making sure that you reacquaint yourself with immigration laws. You can check out the key laws in US Immigration policies here.