A Sex Machine Buying Guide for Beginners

As much as people enjoy being in a relationship, being married or staying single, everyone is occasionally bound to feel the urge of doing a bit of sexual experimentation by using sex toys. These items can be used for your own personal pleasure or sharing them with your parent, as a way of spicing things up in the bedroom. 

Nevertheless, in case you wish to experience sexual pleasure without making a special effort on your side, then sex machines would be the perfect choice. You can make a purchase by ordering them from an e-store, such as https://www.anastasiasextoys.com/best-sex-machines/.

However, in case you haven’t bought such an item before, the following tips might help you make the right choice in terms of size, price and functions.

See it personally before making a purchase 

Regardless of how much you hate the idea of visiting a sex shop in your local area, you’re supposed to inspect the sex machine in person, rather than ordering it online, without any clue on its appearance, size and functions. 

In addition, don’t be embarrassed to visit such a store if there’s one in your town. You aren’t the first person entering the store and you certainly won’t be the last one. Therefore, stop thinking of this visit as a deadly sin and walk in there confidently. 

These stores have plenty of sex machines displayed, so you will be able to make a distinction between various models. In case you haven’t done this type of shopping previously, the shop assistant would be more than glad to help you make a choice. 

Moreover, if you dwell in a place where a sex shop hasn’t been opened yet, don’t let this concern you, as you’re perfectly capable of finding some videos online which serve the purpose of introducing you with the concept of the machine’s work as well as with its speed and other functions. 

Consider the storage space

Purchasing a sex machine shouldn’t be done, unless you have previously given storage space certain amount of thought. Storage is particularly important for people who dwell with their family or roommates, as you’d wish to hide this machine from their eyes. There’s nothing more awkward than your parents or siblings tripping over the sex machine in your room, which you so carelessly left on the floor. You have to be cautious with its storage, as these items are supposed to remain private. 

Bear in mind that they’re large in size, much larger than the regular sex toys, which you can simply put in a drawer. Some of the latest models are being reduced in size, but most of them are still large. Therefore, consider some space like your wardrobe or the one under your bed, but in case you don’t have a big enough space to fit the machine, you’d better not purchase it at all. Click here to learn some clever places for hiding your sex toys.  

Moreover, apart from the size, there’s one more factor worth considering, that being noise. These items tend to be quite loud, so make sure you get the required information on their loudness prior to purchasing one. There’re some models which are less noisy in comparison to the others, but the wisest solution would be to use the product when you’re alone in the house. 

Consider the budget and the return policy

Regardless of your eagerness to purchase a sex machine, make sure you get informed on the price range, as these products aren’t inexpensive to purchase as you initially thought. In fact, the lower the quality of the material, the lower the price. Therefore, in case you aren’t keen on splurging a lot of money on the item, buy some of the low-cost models for the price of couple of hundreds of dollars. 

However, if you wish to purchase a model that is made of a top-notch material, has attachment options as well as a high level of adjustability, you’d better be prepared to spend a substantial amount of your budget, as it’ll cost you at least a thousand dollars. 

Furthermore, regardless of the place where you plan to purchase the machine, whether it would be from a brick-and-mortar store or an e-store, make sure it has a good return policy in case you need to take it back. Perhaps, the sex machine will be faulty, so you need to have the option of getting a refund or at least selecting another item instead of it. 

Read online product reviews

As this product isn’t something that your friends would gladly discuss or recommend to you, the only method in which you can find out whether a certain model is worth buying, is by reading online reviews. There’re plenty of people who share their experiences of using sex toys and machines, but the main problem lies in the fact that everyone has different sexual preferences, so what might be appealing to one user, might not be to another. 

Also, a better option would be to check out the reviews posted on blogs which are especially created for this purpose, unlike reading reviews on the websites that sell the products themselves. 

Consult with your partner

In case you are in a relationship or being married, a good idea would be to consult with your partner prior to making the purchase in order to see whether he/she is willing to use the machine as well.

As sex machines are mostly designed for females, you’d better buy a model which has attachments in order for your partner to use it as well. In case your partner is reluctant on using such an item in your bedroom, don’t be pushy, as not all people are keen on experimenting with this type of products. 

Wrap up

Prior to purchasing a sex machine make sure you determine the right size, level of noise as well as find a good storage. 

A solid research is key to making a good purchase!