9 Valentine’s Date Ideas that are Sure to Land You in the Bedroom

Hoping to impress on Valentine’s Day but not sure what to do or where to go? Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day but you know you want to do something so grand it’ll land you and your partner in the bedroom?

We’re here to help! Check out this list of romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day and discover which one is the ticket for your romantic night out:

1. Wine, Chocolate, and Cheese

If you plan to go out for dinner this Valentine’s Day, make sure you spend it on wine, chocolate, and cheese. Pairing wine with chocolate or cheese is a romantic tradition and for good reasons. Together, you get to experience a full explosion of sensations and flavor.

Of course, getting a little tipsy with wine is a step to the bedroom. Chocolate is another symbol of sex and it’s a useful ingredient for some roleplay and foreplay.

2. Go Out of Town

Ever wanted a reason to spend some time with your date in a romantic hotel room? Convince them by asking them to go with you out of town. This could be the perfect opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone.

Now you can visit someplace like Disney World and score a romantic evening with your partner. Going out of town also provides you more experiences to link together as a couple. Every time they’ll think of that place or the activities you did, they’ll think of you too.

3. Time at the Beach

Don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day? Try heading to the beach! Get a picnic blanket, some sunscreen, and food. You could also bring some wine and cheese to start the date right and enjoy a little romance on the sand. 

You don’t even need to get in the water. Let her enjoy the sun on her skin and take the chance to rub some lotion on her or give her a massage. 

Whatever you do to spice things up, don’t have sex in the water. Having sex in the ocean water — or even a pool — poses so many health risks it’s not worth trying. Get down and dirty on the beach, on top of a nice blanket.

4. Netflix and Chill

Yes, the term “Netflix and chill” basically refers to an invitation for casual sex but on Valentine’s Day, that’s the right code to get it on!

However, you still need to put some effort. When you invite someone to binge on Netflix and relax, you better make sure you follow through before everyone’s hormones kick in. 

Not sure where to start? First, make sure you have your partner’s favorite Netflix show or movie already on. Have some food already prepared and make sure to ready the couch — or bed — for intimate action.

5. Bonfires and Stars

There’s nothing more traditional and romantic than having sex under the stars. But how do you get there? You first have to ask your date out for a camping trip.

You’ll need to scour online to find a nice, safe camping site. Make sure you get a durable tent and learn how to build a bonfire. If you can’t, look for a camping site that already comes with one. 

Make sure you check the weather forecast too. You don’t want to spend the evening out in the woods during a heavy storm. If the forecast isn’t appealing during Valentine’s Day, convince your date to camp with you a few days before or after.

6. Massage Each Other

There’s nothing as classic as a good massage. Physical therapy like this drips with sexual tension and is a sure-fire way to get into bed with your date.

A little foreplay like this can also help you get better in bed. Get in touch with your partner’s sensitive spots without probing into the more intimate, private sections. 

Not sure if you’re that good in bed? Read more here to discover whether or not you have the skills to make your partner squeal and moan for more!

7. Take a Romantic Bath

Massaging one another is like foreplay. You can skip ahead straight to the good stuff by inviting her or him for a romantic bath. Fill your tub with rose petals and get some candles.

Spending time bathing together like this is already part of sex. It’s like foreplay and sex combined. Of course, this is without penetration and we’ve already mentioned why you shouldn’t do it in a body of water. 

Want to make your bath even more romantic? Buy scented candles and bust out the wine. 

8. Naughty Shopping

Are you in a happy, sexual relationship with your significant other? If you are, this means you can skip a bunch of the invitations for romance and get straight to the point. One good way of spicing up your Valentine’s Day date is to go shopping but for specific kinds of products: sex toys and lingerie!

You can always stick with the classics, like fleshlights and dildos, but why not try something new and exciting too? You might want to try out vibrators that link to a smartphone, allowing your partner to “buzz” you with a quick tap on their phone.

Of course, when it comes to lingerie, there are two schools of thought to consider. First, you might want lingerie that shows a lot of skin but still covers your breasts and genitals, leaving some room for imagination. The other technique is to bare it all and buy lingerie that openly invites your partner for sex.

9. Hit the Club

Almost any other list won’t include heading to the club but this should be on your to-do list for Valentine’s Day. Having a wild party, dancing, drinking and getting physical with your partner are all great ways to get ready for an intimate night in the bedroom.

Know What to Do on Valentine’s Day!

Figuring out what to do on Valentine’s Day to guarantee action in the bedroom isn’t all about tricking a girl or boy. It’s not about the right moves or the sweetest words. Sometimes, a decent plan for a romantic date is all you need to get intimate.

But why stop here when we have more tips and tricks for you to discover? Continue learning more travel and relationship tips by reading our other posts today!