6 Essentials That Might Add More Life to Your Car

Why vehicle maintenance is important

There are several reasons why vehicle maintenance is important. For starters, it increases the life of the vehicle. Another critical reason is that it keeps costly repairs to a minimum. What can be more important than the safety of you and your family? Vehicle maintenance reduces the probability of a vehicle malfunction which can even lead to accidents. Even a quick check-up such as checking the air pressure of the tires can help mitigate risks of tire blowout during driving. 

Regular maintenance will fix small issues which if not fixed end up costing large amounts especially, with no car insurance. Car insurance is much vital in case of any uncertain event. For example, keeping the belts of the engine checked regularly and replaced if needed will save the vehicle from a complete blowout of the engine costing thousands of dollars to fix or replace. 

Another reason why it is important is that it helps with keeping your car performing at its best and with the best fuel efficiency as possible. Just imagine getting better steering control, more tire traction, better fuel economy and the reliable engine start as just some of the benefits of a well-maintained vehicle. 

Along with a large bill, it can also cost you time. No one wants their vehicle to malfunction at the wrong time and no one wants to not be able to drive their vehicle for days or weeks until it is repaired. Your work life or family life can be severely compromised due to non-availability of your vehicle. Lastly, most people end up selling their vehicle at some point or the other and the condition of the vehicle is critical to the resale value. 

Now that we have established why vehicle maintenance is important, here are six essentials that can help you increase the life of your vehicle: 

1) Service your vehicle by the book

The manufacturer of your vehicle knows what is required when it comes, periodic service. The owner’s manual is your friend and it is made by the people who engineered your vehicle. It is also important to point out that if you feel the recommendations of the owner’s manual are too expensive to follow then maybe you bought a vehicle that is too expensive for you. This is common mistake vehicle owners make that they don’t budget for the cost of ownership when they buy the vehicle. 

2) Maintain proper fluid levels

There are a few different fluids in the vehicle that are critical to its function and life. There is the power steering fluid that keeps the energy flow of the system working smoothly. It keeps seals and O-rings well lubricated. There is the transmission fluid that helps dissipates the intense heat of the engine. There is the brake fluid to keep the brakes working properly. 

3) Regularly check and replace engine oil 

The oil to the engine as important to the vehicle as blood is the human being. There are so many mechanical parts moving in the engine continues to make it work. Engine oil acts as the critical lubricant needed for the smooth operation of the engine. When the engine oil levels get low it starts to create friction which contributes heavily to the shortened life of the vehicle. Unlike blood, engine oil needs to be replaced regularly. 

4) Don’t drive aggressively 

Some people find it hard to believe that a vehicle that is meant to drive at speed should not be driven aggressively. Well, there is a difference in driving at high speeds and driving aggressively. It is not a problem if you drive at high speeds but rapid acceleration, rapid braking or rapid steering movements did aggressively contribute to the wear-and-tear of different parts of the vehicle. 

In cold climates, the vehicle should be allowed to warm up properly before driving. It is also advisable to keep short trips to a minimum and if possible run errands in one go. An added advantage of not driving aggressively is that it will be safer for you and your passengers. 

5) Take care of tires

Tires play a vital role in the function of the vehicle, and they take the most beating of any part in the vehicle. Properly maintained tires will increase the life of your vehicle by reducing the likelihood of accidents, not wearing out the shock absorbers prematurely and keep the axle from breaking. Regular tire pressure top-ups and tire rotation will not only increase the life of the tires but also of the vehicle. 

6) Keep it clean

Your vehicle’s life is not just about the mechanical or electrical components but it also about exterior and interior structure. For example not keeping the pain protected to could like to the paint fading but also damage the metal behind the paint. Some of these damages can be irreversible.