5 Ways to Build Confidence — and Your Libido

February is here and we are curious — did you keep your New Year’s resolution to get fit or take better care of your health? It’s a bit torturous that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner from New Year’s. Like how much pressure can one man take at the beginning of a new decade! Many of us take a confidence hit at this time of year because we are expected to have our shit together and be a sex god in the bedroom. When it comes to your libido and impressing a partner, your lifestyle and state of mind are the key contributors to whether you go the whole night or fall flat on your face. Feeling inspired and motivated isn’t always an easy task, any time of the year. So today, we share five ways to give your confidence a boost that will hopefully make Valentine’s Day a breeze. 

  • Quit the Negative Self-Talk

We know men are not supposed to be all up in their feelings, but your negative self-talk is beating down your confidence. Every time you curse at yourself for doing something “wrong” or make degrading comments to yourself, you perpetuate negativity. I know this is easier said than done but start by writing down your victories and successes each day in a journal. When you begin to feel negative thoughts about yourself, focus on your positive traits and achievements for an instant confidence boost. If you want to take it the next level, write your strengths down on post-it notes and place around the house (where no one else will see them of course). 

  • Overhaul Your Lifestyle

We all know a healthy lifestyle leads to good health, reduction of disease and a healthy weight keeps you limber and energetic. If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately or your clothes are a bit tight, it’s time to do an inventory and make some changes. You can start small, reducing alcohol or quitting smoking, incorporating more high-fibre vegan meals into your week, and trying to exercise at least four times per week. We like Fitness Blender for short, free interval workouts you can easily do before heading to work each morning.

  • Consider Help from a Specialist

Erectile dysfunction affects a man’s confidence more than doing poorly at work — it’s a major confidence crusher. If you are having trouble in the bedroom, there’s help to be had. Know that it’s a pretty common problem that affects 39% of men. If diet and exercise are not keeping your libido revved up, consider getting ED treatment with a qualified doctor. There could be several things affecting you from high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or a heart condition, to things like vascular diseases, neurological disorders and low testosterone levels. Or it could be all psychological, which leads us to our next tip.

  • Talk to Someone

You’ll be amazed at how much transformation can come from talking it out with someone. Often we react negatively to situations, build self-esteem issues, or have problems with relationships because of trauma we experienced earlier in life. To be the best man you can be, consider talking to a professional. A therapist can help you see things more clearly and give you some much-needed self-awareness around all kinds of problems in your life, not just those holding you back from being the stud you want to be in the bedroom. 

  • Do Something New & Creative

We aren’t just talking in the bedroom dudes, though it never hurts to spice things up a bit. Women really like to do new activities with their man, so if she’s been bugging you to go to that painting and wine class, or you have some cool ideas, share them with your partner. Quality time together where you have fun and laugh is going to rev things up before heading to the bedroom. 

Remember it’s perfectly normal to feel in a bit of a funk this time of year, but all these tips will help you on your way to feeling awesome with new and improved self-confidence and a happy libido.