5 Reasons Why People Migrate To Australia

There are plenty of great reasons to move abroad including character building, experiencing a new culture, and learning new skills, just to name a few. Of course, there are also issues like the economy and job opportunities that have people immigrating every day. Maybe you just want a better climate, or maybe you’re thinking about following family or friends who have moved abroad. Whatever your reasons for looking into other countries, you could do far worse than Australia, and the country has a history of welcoming migrants. Here are some of the biggest reasons people choose Australia.


Universal healthcare is one of Australia’s biggest draws for many people. Australian Medicare provides free or low-cost healthcare services for all residents and even some visitors. This includes free hospital care for residents, and many doctors accept Medicare benefits for certain procedures.

Affordable private health insurance is also available, and there are incentives to take advantage of it, particularly before age 30. Private coverage could include improved hospital cover, which allows for greater control over doctors and rooms. It could also include supplemental insurance to cover gaps in Medicare coverage.


Australia offers free or subsidized education for primary, secondary, and tertiary (college) education. Schools have high standards for student success that go beyond academic scores but also focus on developing social skills, nurturing expression, and preparing students for life outside the classroom. Class sizes are typically small, meaning each student gets the support they need, and additional support and high achievement programs are available for those who need them.

There are also plenty of options for international students and their children, so you can study abroad comfortably. Degree and vocational programs often include real work experience that will make you more valuable to potential employers, and international students may even be eligible to stay and work in Australia.

Job Opportunities

Speaking of work, Australia has a strong economy, and the Australian dollar is considered one of the world’s strongest currencies. Currently, the minimum wage is $19.49 an hour, which makes rent and food quite affordable in most areas. Whether you’re looking for forklift licence training in Brisbane to drive a forklift truck or you’re a web designer looking to put your JavaScript skills to the test, if you land a job you should be able to live comfortably.

Employment rates in Australia have generally gone up in the past several decades, with occasional exceptions like the Global Financial Crisis of the late 2000s. Since then, the employment rate has moved between a low of 71% and a high of 74%, peaking in 2018.


Australia boasts some of the most livable cities in the world, with Vienna, Melbourne, and Sydney frequently ranking high in top ten lists of the world’s best cities. The “livability” of a city is generally determined by factors like healthcare, stability, education, culture, and infrastructure. Livability, of course, doesn’t necessarily translate to affordability.

The Australian housing market took a downturn in the past couple of years, but it’s predicted to rebound throughout 2020. Prices for homes are rising, especially in larger cities, which can make owning a home difficult, especially for younger people. There are various home loan calculators you can use to determine if you can purchase a home.


As with any new place, Australia offers its own unique culture and viewpoints. Naturally, a country of this size is diverse, and different areas will offer different experiences. Generally speaking, though, if you’re a coffee aficionado, you’ll feel right at home with shops all over the cities. Australia is considered one of the most tolerant countries in the world, so you can feel welcome regardless of who you are. You’ll find a great deal of serious sports fans in Australia as well, so even if you haven’t been that into sports, you might consider forming an interest. Sometimes a fresh perspective with new teams can be what finally makes things exciting.