5 new sexy things you can try with your partner this week

Whether you’ve been together for a few months or a few years, doing new things and surprising your partner are great ways to keep your relationship strong and healthy. Variety is the spice of life as they say, so if you’ve been stuck in a predictable routine lately, here are a few ideas to get your blood pumping with excitement. 

Watch some erotic movies together

Normally we look at porn as something that we do when we’re alone, and often it’s something private that we shouldn’t talk about. But actually, watching steamy movies together with your partner can be incredibly sexy and can really get you in the mood for ravishing each other later. 

Been there, done that? We hear you. How about Virtual Reality Porn though? Virtual reality is quickly gaining popularity and the adult sector is certainly driving its success. True, you can’t quite watch it together yet, but you can turn it into a kinky fantasy. For example, one of you could be watching and explaining what’s happening on the screen, while the other one could be performing the physical activities described in real life. So the person watching will get to experience the visual pleasure as well as the physical. 

This is especially great if your fetishes are different from each other, so VR porn can be a safe way to experiment without making your significant other uncomfortable. 

Play some games with an adult twist

Of course, naked twister and strip poker may be the obvious choices, but there are also many games that are specifically made for some kinky, sexy fun. 

For example, there’s Monogamy, a board game for couples that has 3 levels of intimacy, from light foreplay to hot and steamy passion! You have different cards telling you what to do and with each complete circle around the board, things get hotter and hotter. 

Like the idea of board games in the bedroom? There are a few to choose from. Nookii is another variation of Monogamy, though it’s a little faster to play and doesn’t have as many details to it.

Or you could always go for the good old fashioned sex dice, though we recommend you make your own and add things you really enjoy!

Get those sex toys you’ve always wanted

Don’t be shy, we know you would love to experiment in the bedroom with some sex toys and there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, sex toys can add a huge amount of pleasure to everyone involved, as long as you keep your mind open. 

If you’ve already got some experience, then why not take it up a notch and go for something new? You never know if you might like something until you try it, right?

There are loads of toys that you can enjoy as a couple. Vibrating cock rings are always a favourite, or why not get a remote-controlled vibrator that’s made specifically for couples. Just put it in, give your partner the remote and relinquish all control. This is especially fun to play if you’re out in public!

Time for a bit of role-play

Role-play games can be lots of fun, though for some it can be a little awkward at first if you’ve never done it before. Don’t worry, start off with something easy and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

How do you decide on the scenario? You could agree in advance what you want to do or write down a list of fantasies, put them in a jar and pull one out at random to maintain an element of spontaneity and surprise. 

Do a sexy photoshoot

This is one of the sexiest and most intimate things you can do with your partner and there are so many themes to choose from – this can be an awesome couple’s tradition! 

If you’re not sure how to start, don’t worry about investing in expensive equipment, your phone’s camera will do just fine. Choose who wants to go first (or set a self-timer so you can be in the photos together), get some sexy outfits on and just experiment with poses. 

For inspiration, you can always check out some Pinterest pages and try to copy them as closely as possible. Remember, you can always make lots of changes in the editing process later, so don’t worry if the shots are not 100% perfect from the start. Just enjoy the process, that’s the main goal here!