3 Types of Role Models for Students: How to Get Out There After Graduation

It’s normal to feel adrift after graduating from college. While some of your friends have plans to continue their education, others might be heading home to pick up where they left off at their old retail job.

These types of life transitions are rarely easy, but relying on a few role models can help offer guidance during an uncertain time.

Whether you’re trying to make it big in your career or find happiness wherever you are, here are some of the top types of role models to look up to when you need a buoy in a sea of doubt.

The Start-Up Genius

What’s nice about launching a start-up is that you become your own boss. This factor makes launching your own tech business a huge dream for many college majors, including IT specialists, mathematicians, engineers, and even writers. The allure of helping people while simultaneously achieving your own dreams is enough to make anyone pack their bags for Silicon Valley. But without the right mentor to look up to, you could be swan diving into failure.

Relying on a mentor is key to navigating the highs and lows associated with each venture. Of course, becoming a tech entrepreneur or focusing on another kind of start-up is no different. For example, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Charutha Bandara are no strangers to these turbulent waters. By staying up-to-date with current technology trends, innovating in their fields, and listening to their consumers, these greats have been able to defy the odds and keep moving forward.

This type of goal doesn’t come without missteps, however. It’s a commitment to taking chances and having a back-up plan when things go south. Moving to Silicon Valley right out of graduation might be good for some, but establishing solid ground where you are is a great first step. This is especially important since feelings of exhaustion are common after (and during, to be honest) college. Even if you feel like you have to run headlong into the tech field, there’s nothing wrong with pausing and catching your breath. Performing some research on tech trends and looking up companies to get your feet wet can help you learn more about the real-world applications of your field outside of the classroom.

The Unlikely Hero

The most powerful people in America have typically been the same group of people. Unfortunately, many of these people have achieved their power through similar ways, which doesn’t apply to the diverse group of graduates getting their degree each year. If you’re in the doldrums about your chances of making it, looking up to strong, diverse leaders is the best way to light a fire in your heart.

Looking up to those who have overcome adversity will help you identify barriers to success in different ways. Even if you cannot relate directly to the issues some of these success stories have experienced, you can still find information in how they dealt with these pitfalls. After all, Barack Obama didn’t become president because he looked up to George Washington. Even though many people look up to their parents as their top role models, it’s only because we know how much they have gone through that they have become this hero or heroine in our minds.

The Spiritual Advisor

This option is wonderful for those who have a religious background. In times of hardship, people have relied on spiritual guides for what seems like millennia. Whether that means going to brunch with your youth pastor to talk about the Common English Bible or attending a religious community event, many people have felt lighter after speaking with a trusted advisor. These individuals can help run through a quick bible study or even dissect time-old translations that you’ve never thought of before.

If you’re not one for religion, speaking to a therapist can also be a form of spiritual healing. After all, our stressors are a part of how we live our day to day lives. When you gain a sense of direction, other areas of your life can become more clear.

When you’re looking for guidance after college, looking up to your role models can be a great start. Try these three options, but don’t be afraid to branch out for a variety of experiences.