What Not to Do: 10 Rules of Dating We Learned from Watching Millionaire Matchmaker

In the immortal words of Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, “Love: everybody wants it, but not everybody finds it.”

But have you ever stopped to think about the reason why you’re struggling to find The One?

According to Patti, it could be because you’re not exactly putting on your best behavior when you go out with new people. This post is here to help you right the ship.

Read on to access the ultimate, Patti-approved 10 rules of dating.

1. Never, Ever Bring up Your Ex

First up on the Patti-approved 10 rules of dating?

Under no circumstances should you talk about your ex. Sure, by date 5 or 6, you and your potential partner might talk about how past relationships have influenced your current behavior.

But before that?

No one wants to hear it.

All it says to someone is that you’re 150% not over your ex. Plus, if you trash talk them, it reflects poorly on you.

2. Don’t Talk Politics or Religion

So, if you want to date a millionaire, what subjects are just as bad as talking about your ex?

Politics and religion.

You don’t know what someone’s views really are, and if they’re opposite from your own, you’re going to spend the entire evening arguing. Some people might argue that in today’s age especially, knowing someone’s political views determines who you’ll even go out with.

But if you haven’t filtered your dating preferences by political views, give the other person a chance to show their personality in a way that’s not decidedly Democratic or Republican.

The same rules apply to religion.

3. Don’t Jump into Bed Too Quickly

Perhaps the most famous piece of Patti Stanger advice is, “No sex before monogamy.”

We get it — saving the physical side of yourself for when you’re in a committed relationship with another person might seem insane.

But lust and awesome bedroom dynamics can seriously cloud your dating judgment.

Plus, you’ll quickly weed out people who are just looking for sex if you’re ready for something more serious.

4. Don’t Ask Questions About Money

If you really want to know how to date a millionaire successfully, realize that you need to steer clear of bringing up cash on the first date.

Talking about money too soon makes you look like a gold digger, whether you’re a man or woman.

Plus, if you’re smart, you can find other ways to guess their net worth. Things like the fact that they’re wearing a Rolex Presidential watch or the price of the bottle of wine they order are great clues.

5. Don’t Share Too Much About Yourself

Sure, the first few dates are all about “getting to know” the person you’re spending time with.

But you also want to leave a little sense of mystery surrounding yourself. After all, that’s what keeps them coming back for more.

You can play it coy when it comes to certain topics you’d like to keep private for now. Your date will certainly be intrigued by your enigmatic nature.

6. Don’t Dress like You Don’t Care

First impression matter in dating just as much as they do in the office.

We know that the current trend might be to look like you just, “threw something on,” but for a date, it’s not a good idea.

You want to look your best, feel confident, and above all, show you made an effort to look good for your date.

Plus, they’ll be impressed by how great you look in that suit or dress.

7. Don’t Get Smashed

Followers of all things Patti Stanger are likely familiar with her “two drink maximum” rule for dating.

While a nice cocktail can certainly take the edge off and help you to feel more relaxed, drinking too much leads you to dangerous territory.

You’re more likely to sleep with the person too soon, talk on and on about nothing interesting, or just embarrass yourself.

It’s not worth the risk of alienating someone who could be a great partner for you.

8. Don’t Talk About the Future Too Soon

Of course, everyone is trying to decide if the person they’re going out with is marriage material.

But you absolutely don’t want to run the risk of scaring off your future husband or wife by talking about the future way too quickly.

The first few dates are simply not the time to talk about the fact that you want three kids, plan to retire in England, and that you want to get married by next year. Also, don’t talk about buying a nice new place together like these that you can see more on this page.

9. Don’t Be Rude to the Waitstaff

Another one of the ten commandments date fanatics should keep in mind?

Never treat the wait staff poorly. It reeks of entitlement and shows that you’re just not a nice person.

Avoid snapping, whistling, or excessively complaining.

Above all, remember to tip generously.

10. Don’t Interrupt Them

Finally, don’t be so eager to share a story on a relevant topic or continue to go on and on about your life that you constantly interrupt the other person.

No one wants to go on a date with a narcissist, or just someone who they feel isn’t listening to them.

Plus, if the date goes well, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to share that story in the future.

Follow These 10 Rules of Dating for Romantic Success

As long as you follow these 10 rules of dating, we’re certain that your romantic future will look wonderfully rosy.

Looking for more dating advice?

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