What Makes You Eligible for Social Security Disability?

If you deal with a disability, then you may want to check whether you would be eligible for Social Security Disability. After successfully applying for SSD, you will receive a monthly benefit from the government that is designed to make up for your inability to work. It is your legal right to apply for the benefits if you meet the requirements and doing so can improve your quality of life.

An Inability to Work

The main qualification for Social Security Disability is being unable to work. Specifically, when applying for SSD, you will need to indicate that you are no longer able to complete the work that you previously did. Similarly, you must indicate that you are not able to perform a different type of work. This last requirement is not necessary in many cases for those who have a condition on the qualifying list of conditions. In that case, you would typically automatically qualify for SSD.

In fact, one of the very first questions the Social Security Administration will ask you during the process of applying for benefits is whether you are currently working. Even if you are currently working, you may still be able to apply for SSD if you do not make the minimum amount to disqualify you. For 2019, the average monthly earnings cannot exceed $1,220 per month in most cases. Of course, this is provided that you would also be unable to perform another type of work.

Time Frame

When applying for SSD, you will be asked how long you have been unable to work or how long you expect to be unable to do so. To be eligible for SSD, you must expect to be unable to perform work-related tasks for a minimum of a year or twelve months. Alternatively, you can qualify for SSD if your condition is expected to lead to death.

Your Condition

Another important factor affecting eligibility for Social Security Disability is the specific condition that is affecting you as well as its severity. To qualify, your condition must be sufficiently severe that it interferes with the actions that were previously a basic part of your work.

In terms of the condition itself, the Social Security Administration actually has a list of conditions that are sufficiently severe to qualify for SSD. If you have one of these conditions, then you will automatically qualify. Even if your condition is not on the list, it is still possible to apply, but there will be extra steps. In this case, you will need to show the Social Security Administration that your condition has the same severity as a condition that is on the list.

Other Situations

In addition to the general above explanation of eligibility for Social Security Disability, there are some special situations. There are specific benefits for Wounded Warriors as well as Veterans. There is also the ability to apply for benefits for disabled children in some cases. You can also apply as the worker’s widower or widow and those who are blind can receive certain benefits.

To ease the complicated nature of applying for Social Security Disability, consider consulting a lawyer that can guide you through the process and assist you.