What It’s Like Owning a Corgi

You want to get a Corgi, but you really aren’t sure what it is like owning one. Well, it is awesome! I am here to help give you a brief background on the Corgi and explain what it is like owning a Corgi. Make sure to check out Simple Guide to Living for more tips and tricks when it comes to Corgis.

What is a Corgi?

A Corgi is a smallish, medium-sized dog. It is known as a cattle herding dog and lives to be 12 to 15 years old. Corgis have very thick fur and actually have a double coat that will need brushing regularly. Corgis get to around 25 pounds. You have to remember, just like with any dog, a Corgi takes time, money and a commitment. This means you will need to properly feed your Corgi, brush it, give it baths and take it to the veterinarian. As long as you feed your Corgi a healthy diet, get it plenty of exercise, brush it regularly and get routine check-ups, should have a healthy and happy Corgi on your hands.

What are Common Traits of a Corgi?

Corgis are very smart dogs, but also have a very stubborn side. They are playful and friendly, but when they are done playing, they are done! This is when they can turn into a very lazy pup. If you are looking for a loyal pup, Corgi is the right choice. Corgis are known to be one of the most loyal breeds out there, which is why they are ideal for small families and single people.

Do I Recommend Owning a Corgi?

Of course! Corgis are a great companion! Especially if you can start training them early on, they will be well behaved and a dog that you can take pretty much everywhere with you! As long as you are knowledgeable about expected health issues and familiar with behavioral traits of Corgis, you will do just fine as a Corgi owner.