What Are The Best Dairy-free Milk You Can Try?

Although dairy products have a ton of advantages, some conditions can make people hunt for viable milk alternatives in the market. For instance, picking up a vegan lifestyle, having grown lactose intolerance, and several other medical concerns enable non-dairy products to grow immensely popular. However, ensure professional medical assistance before you proceed with any of these alternatives so that your dietary and health goals can go hand in hand. 

Before reading the best-suited options for non-dairy milk, know that you can not only use them as drinkables but also incorporate these wisely to prepare various delicious recipes. Here are some of the best dairy-free milk enlisted with their specific advantages. 

Rice milk 

Often, people are a fan of sweet milk; however, additional sugar isn’t a great option for them. If you’re on a diet hunting for a great substitute, try drinking rice milk. It is naturally sweet and delicious in taste. Many brands include additional sugar components into it in order to enhance its flavor. 

Still, you can conveniently find this natural and healthy alternative to milk in the departmental stores. Rice milk lacks in protein, only 1 gram per serving, thus, rely upon some other source of protein instead of this for better results. 

Almond milk

Plain milk is not everybody’s cup of tea, and thus, almond milk can be an excellent replacement for it. Its nutty, subtle, and light flavor is the reason behind its popularity among the masses. It’s often consumed by the health-conscious individuals as it contains only 30 calories per serving. It’s also one of the most popular low-carb milk substitutes which many keto and low-carb dieters choose. 

It’s also enriched with numerous minerals and vitamins that are ardently required by a human body. Therefore, choosing almond milk over your ordinary milk can be a significant step towards health. 

Coconut based milk

Coconut based milk is loaded with more fat than any other type of milk. This makes it more filling and healthy as it contains healthy fats such as MCTs. Do not get confused between the coconut milk and coconut-based milk as the former is suitable only for garnishing the curries, drinks, and other edibles. 

It’s rich in taste, dense in texture and has a very fresh flavor. However, now you can easily find a more healthy version of this milk in the market. Coconut is healthy, and so are its derivatives. Therefore, hop on to this option for better taste and health. 

Cashew milk 

Cashew nuts are the source of iron and magnesium. Cashew milk possesses similar benefits, and with a single glass of this milk, you can consume an adequate quantity of iron on a regular basis. Its nutty taste makes it delicious and liked by many.

Cashew milk is also rich in calcium, making it a great source for women over the age of 30. Reason being, after this age, bone density decreases, and a woman can cope up with just a single glass of cashew milk. 

Hazelnut milk 

If you’re in the hunt for flavors, it ends here. Hazelnut milk is one of the greatest alternatives, and you can add it into your coffee, desserts, and whatnot. Hazelnut milk resembles the flavor of Nutella and thus, is loved by many. Plain milk seems nothing if you have such a delicious option to swap with. 

Warm and thick hazelnut milk can enhance the flavor of any dairy-based dessert that you prepare at home. However, it’s quite tricky to find in the market, but you can conveniently order it online. In this era of innovations, you have a wide variety of products to choose from. Make use of the above-mentioned alternatives of milk to enhance your health but with taste.