Ways to Get Money Quickly in An Emergency

Everyone will have an emergency at some point in their life and it always is at the worst possible time.  It could be a medical issue needing immediate treatment, your transportation suddenly not being possible or some problem arising with your home needing repairs.

Regardless the reason, it helps knowing some different ways to come up with money in an emergency.  Whether you need just a little or a lot of money, the following are some of the ways you can get money together quickly in case of an emergency.

When You Need A Large Amount of Money

There is a huge difference between needing a couple hundred dollars to cover an unforeseen expense and facing a need for thousands of dollars.  Usually when you have a need for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars you are usually someone who is at least upper middle class.  The following are good ways to access four figure amounts of money rapidly.

Take Out A Loan

If you find that you have a good credit score, or you happen to own your business there is usually a good possibility of getting a bank or lender to give you a loan.  There are many online businesses that will loan people money using their business as collateral or basing the loan on their credit score.

There is also the possibility of getting someone willing to lend on a high quality securities portfolio that you might have as a business owner.

Another option is getting a loan using the title of your car or your home as the collateral.  While the federal government is trying to stop this type of predatory lending it can be a life saver in a moment of need.

Sell Currency or Precious Metals

One way to get a lot of money quickly is to sell currency or precious metals online.   If you are aware of how currency works it is easy to double, triple and even quadruple your initial investment.  However, there is some volatility involved with selling currency and if care isn’t taken you can lose large amounts of money as well.

Precious metals on the other hand are much easier to sell.  Most pawn shops will purchase gold and silver for the daily rate these metals sell for.  There is typically a very small surcharge for selling these metals but with the prices being universal regardless of where you live it is easy to know beforehand what you will be able to make from selling whatever gold or silver you have on hand.

When You Need Smaller Amounts of Money

Getting smaller amounts of money in an emergency may appear to be easier but it isn’t always the case.  These following methods have been proven to work in an emergency.

Pawn Shops

While there is a stigma to using a pawn shop it is still a great way to get money in a pinch.  Most pawnbrokers will loan you 30-50% of the value of an item with you having to repay between 20-25% monthly to get your item back.  It is a great way to get the money that you need for short periods of time.


Although not the most comfortable thing to do, you can always ask to borrow money from friends and family.  While it tends to require putting your pride aside, friends and family usually want to help if they can and they know you can be trusted to pay them back.  It is especially good for small amounts of money.

Regardless the reason for needing money in an emergency, it can help immensely if you know how to go about getting that money as quick as possible.  You will be able to fix whatever financial problem has arisen, but you will also be able to be proud that you solved your problem on your own.