Can you imagine your life without water? Your answer will be clearly no!! When you start your day after waking up, all you need is water to be active. You drink water, brush your teeth, take a bath, etc. There is an end number of uses and benefits of water for a human body. The average domestic household consumes around 400- 500 liters of water per day, this seems to be too much but this is true and a fact!! we can drink the water which is safe for drinking, the amount of water that one can consume depends entirely on the body structure, amount of physical activity, age of a person, health concern issues, etc.

Contaminated water results in many diseases and deaths in humans as well as in species. This water is not safe for drinking, drinking this water makes one sick and leads to many diseases. Children under 6 years old are mostly suffering from these diseases. Efforts are made to raise the safe drinking water through groundwater conservation and its purification etc. Water is not only used as drinking water but it performs too many other roles in one’s life. We cannot imagine our life without water, so even we all have to make efforts to save it.

Water has lots of health-related benefits for a human body, drinking water in large quantity solve many health issues.

Benefits of drinking water:

  • It lubricates a human body’s joints: many joints in our body contain 70 percent of water, dehydration helps our body to perform better and decrease many problems related to our joints.
  • Produces saliva: saliva formation is very important in our body, it is necessary to digest food and to maintain our body’s moisture to keep it hydrated all day long. Consuming water instead of consuming other beverages or soft drink is not only good for a body but also protect our teeth’s from a cavity or other problems.
  • Give oxygen: our human body needs blood for circulation and what is blood made up of? The answer is blood is made up of more than 80 percent water content. In order to be healthy and have sufficient hemoglobin in your body, you must drink plenty of water each day.
  • Rejuvenate skin: drinking plenty of water daily will not only be good for health but also beneficial for our skin, it leads to skin glow and beauty. Many actresses when asked about the reason for their beauty reply in simple terms that drinking plenty of water daily will let our skin flush all the toxins from the body and boost the skin to grow naturally. This is the cheaper and easiest way to get lighter brighter skin at home at no cost!!

You can simply drink the normal purifier water or can modify your water as per your taste or take water in other liquid forms, the main sources from which we can intake water in our body are soups, fruits that are rich in vitamin c i.e. lemon, oranges, pear, watermelon, etc.

When we work or do any type of physical activity we lose some amount of water depending upon the amount of activity done. People who do labor work or gyming lose their body water levels due to the energy they use. In order to take the body back to its normal water level, they need to drink more and more water. Water also helps us to reduce weight; this is the benefit to which most of the ladies are attracted to. Drink water in place of soda, soft drink, juices, coffee etc because they contain empty calories and are not beneficial for a body rather they produce fat tissues and leads to obesity.

According to U.S. national academy, the average amount of water that can be taken for men are:  near about 3.5 liters and for women: it is 2.6 liters. Now the point is which water to drink i.e. icy water or hot water. Drinking icy chilled water will thirst our desire to drink, but if you consider yourself as a health-conscious person then you have to stop drinking chilled water. There are many health benefits of drinking warm water. Some of the main benefits of drinking warm are:

  1. Get relief from body ache: drinking warm water has some soothing properties and it acts as magic for pain relief. If you are facing any kind of body pain then start drinking warm water as medicine as it helps in relaxing muscles and its cramps.
  2. Help in reducing weight: if you want to reduce extra kilos weight then start drinking warm water in the morning before exercising, it will help you to reduce your inches in lesser time, you can also add some honey and lemon to it.
  3. Prevents aging effects: it also helps in reducing the signs of aging in a human body, drinking warm water can help you to stay hydrated and young.
  4. Boost digestion process: drinking warm water can help you to enhance your digestion process, drinking warm water before having your meals can help in better digesting of food you eat.
  5. Enhances blood circulation: drinking warm water rather than cold chilled water will help your body to circulate blood in a better way, this will help your body to work better and keep your organs working. As warm water flushes out all the waste and toxins from the body itself, it has all those features.

Conclusion: while concluding this, we should say that drinking water is important but drinking purified water is more important. There are numerous kinds of water purifier available in the market, what you can do is to compare their features as well the WATER PURIFIER COST so that the best one can be selected among the alternatives. All the detailed information is available about them on the internet that we can use to make our decision regarding purchasing the right purifier!!