Top Song Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony Violinist

Hiring a violinist or violin and cello duo for your wedding ceremony is a great choice. It’s classic and elegant whilst also fairly low-key. And of course, it produces a beautiful sound for when you or your partner walk down the aisle.

But hiring a wedding violinist is only half the battle when it comes to sorting out the music at your wedding ceremony. The next and probably most important part is picking the right song for the occasion.

Feat not however, because we’ve got you covered! If you’re struggling to decide on that perfect wedding ceremony song, here are some ideas to help get you started.

1) Wagner’s Bridal Chorus

OK, so this one’s pretty standard. It is THE wedding song you traditionally hear when the bride walks down the aisle. It’s classic, it’s traditional and you can’t really go wrong with it.

2) Canon in D, Pachelbel

If it’s not Wagner’s Bridal Chorus, then it’s usually Canon in D by Pachelbel that you hear at weddings. Another classic option that sounds great on strings. It’s a truly beautiful piece and is just a little bit less traditional than the first option.

3) Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Though not classical, this song is an absolute timeless classic that will never go out of style. A simple yet enchanting melody, it offers everything you need when you walk down the aisle.

4)  Something by the Beatles

OK, so what we initially meant was the song ‘Something’ by the Beatles. But actually, when we think about it… we could also mean something (anything) by the Beatles.

‘Something’ itself is a beautiful love song that suits string instruments perfectly. ‘Yesterday’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Let it Be’ , ‘And I Love Her’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’ also offer beautiful melodies.

Or, you could mix things up a bit and go for something a bit different. ‘Come Together’, ‘She Loves You’, ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ or ‘We Can Work it Out’. And finally, if you’re a movie fan you could always go for the Love Actually classic ‘All You Need is Love’.

5) Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

This is another modern classic when it comes to weddings. Covered by just about everyone in the music industry, this Leonard Cohen tune is both beautiful and powerful.

6) Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

You may not usually associate Al Green’s soulful songs with string instruments but this beautiful tune is simple and classic.

7) Fly Me To The Moon by Nat King Cole

This song was made famous by Frank Sinatra and has been sung by many different fantastic artists over the years, but the Nat King Cole version in particular offers a beautiful and simple style that would make for a wonderful and romantic wedding ceremony song. And if you can find a double bass player…that would add a lovely bit of depth to it too!

8) Lucky & I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Both of these songs are beautiful, romantic, relatively low-key but a little bit up-beat which makes them great options to do things a little differently whilst also keeping things fairly traditional.

10) Better Together by Jack Johnson

This is another simple yet beautiful song with a lovely relaxed but up-beat vibe. A great option for walking back down the aisle after the proceedings perhaps.

11) Your Favourite Song

No, this is not the name of a song (although, now that we think about it, Your Song by Elton John is another great idea!!!). This refers to whatever song you adore.

Although some songs may lend themselves better to string instruments than others, having a song that you love and cherish is very important when it comes to your wedding ceremony. Good musicians will be able to make most songs work in some form of another, even if it’s a little different to what you might expect!

So don’t be afraid to sit down with your chosen musicians to come up with something that is meaningful to you. Remember, the right song is whichever song that is important to you and your partner.