Top Cities to Visit in Europe This Summer

Summer is the perfect season for exploring new countries, cities and soaking in their atmosphere. There are so many places to go, things to do, and stuff to see that we can get a little anxious when making the right choice. But with a little help from the energizing sun and warmth, we will get instantly stimulated and will know exactly where to spend our vacation. On this list, you will find a mix of cities from the Eastern and Western side of Europe. They are all the perfect representatives of these different, yet, similar cultures.


Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Has been referred to as Little Paris over the years and is becoming one of the greatest hot spots for bachelor parties, organized by Bucharest Bachelors. This city has become one of the hottest cities for people who want to find a good party, have fun and not break the bank.

Moreover, Bucharest has a special vibe to the city you haven’t felt before. It’s a perfect mix of Eastern and Western culture. This get’s pretty obvious while exploring the city. On one hand you will get to see ancient Christian Orthodox monasteries and on the other hand, you will see the gigantic communist Palace of Parliament made in the brutalist style.

Bucharest has also numerous beautiful picturesque parks like Youth Parks, where you can hang out, relax, go for boat riding, feed some ducks and enjoy nature. As for the evenings, you can find your way in of the clubs in the Old Town district which is the craziest spot in Bucharest. The atmosphere is thrilling, especially in the summer when everyone is on vacation and just looking to put off some steam and enjoy the moment.


Do you know when Freddie Mercury sings Barcelona how everything gets a more grandiose feeling? The city is exactly like that – grandiose, graceful and simply wonderful. Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region. It has one of the most majestic architectural wonders in Europe.

This city has a Port, so you will definitely get a seaside feeling with all of the boats, yachts, and beaches. You will be swept away by narrow alleyways, tall modernist buildings with a lot of ancient gothic cathedrals and medieval architecture. Barcelona is usually full of tourists through the whole year so be prepared for the occasional shoulder bumping. You shouldn’t miss seeing the church La Sagrada Familia constructed by the famous Spanish architect Gaudi.

Barcelona truly is a city that never sleeps so you will find plenty of stuff to do during the nights. Dress up for an opera show, watch flamenco, gather around the magic fountain or set sail on a sunset cruise.


Krakow is a town of recent tragic history but also the town of hope and wonderful people. Krakow is one of the biggest cities in Poland and is absolutely charming and heartwarming. If you love cities with a rich history who persevered the medieval authentic look you will absolutely adore this town.

You will be brought back in a fairy tale time of medieval castles, synagogues, squares, and streets. Gothic architecture is dominant in Krakow, but there is also a part of communist brutalist buildings like the Forum Hotel which has those characteristic simple lines and the overuse of industrial materials. There is a special district in Krakow the Jewish District – Kazimierz. It’s one of the few Jewish District that was untouched by WWII. There are plenty of antique bookshops and cozy cafes where you can soak up the vibe of the district.

Krakow is also a great party hub although many don’t know this secret. There are clubs, pubs, bars and vodka clubs all around the city. So you will surely find something to your liking.


How does the saying go? All roads lead to Rome. When visiting Europe you absolutely must visit this magnificent city which was practically the founder of modern-day Europe. Thanks to Romans Europe is what it is today. You will be swept away by ancient buildings from the Roman Empire and by the beauty of the city itself.

Rome – The Eternal City has one of the most important historical sights which will automatically bring you back in time. Roman Forum and Colosseum are just the tip of the iceberg. If you love history and admire the history of the Roman Empire you will enjoy every second spent in this city. To truly experience everything there is to see in this majestic town, you should consider staying for more than a few days.

But if you don’t have that kind of time, Fountain Trevi, Roman Forum and Colosseum are all really close to each other so you will get to see the most popular sights at least. Rome is also packed with tourists throughout the whole year, so much that the streets of Rome are filled with people even at night! So finding clubs, pubs and bars won’t be a problem after dark.  


Now that you’ve read a little about each of these cities, surely you will know exactly where to go and what to see. Hopefully, the charm of each city has wone you over and that none of them will be excluded from your trip around Europe. The most important things are to have fun, broaden your horizons and learn something new. And these cities can offer all of that and more.