Top 5 Online Slots For Men

Gambling habits have changed in recent years, and especially so since it transferred from the exclusivity of the casinos to the online world. And despite some stereotypes, both men and women enjoy it. With the right opportunity and environment presented to them, research has shown that women enjoy gambling online just as much as men do, and for largely the same reasons.

Sure, some of the slot themes and titles available at your local land-based casino Baccarat online might seem geared toward the fairer sex, offering games like Sex & The City based on the HBO classic or the Ellen slot machine themed after and starring legendary comedian Ellen DeGeneres. It’s a woman’s world, and it might feel like slots are a part of the women’s club but believe it or not there are casinos that are trying to appease the male species and developers that are releasing titles that men would enjoy. The online gambling community does not discriminate and both men and women can play online slots and have fun! However, today we’re putting men in the focus and we’re going to talk about online slots designed especially (but not exclusively) for men. Here are our top 5 picks:


Playboy slots is a game from Microgaming based on the American men’s magazine which was created by Hugh Hefner back in the 1950s. It has five reels and 243 ways to win. The game is classy by all means, featuring a theme that is chrome and black in all its splendour and a soundtrack that gets you partying on the yacht that’s on one of the symbols.

Naughty Or Nice

In this five-reel, 50-payline slot, you’ll meet Naughty – a beautiful brunette lady elf and Nice – a gorgeous blonde lady elf. You can also win loads of prizes for finding all sorts of Christmas-themed items such as baubles, reindeer, as well as for steering Father Christmas away from making a fool of himself and having angry Mother Christmas hitting him over the head with a rather large rolling pin.


Looking for something packed with action, a sense of adventure and even danger? Asgard slots smashes you through dull earthly existence into a plane of majesty and old world reckoning worthy of the mighty Norse gods. You’ll see the great and powerful god Odin, Thor and his mischievous brother Loki. The game has an all ways pays feature and incredible gameplay including Thunderbolt, Goddess Feature, and Loki’s Magic.

Cash Bandits

Many of you probably played Cops and Robbers while growing up. Now, you can play the grown-ups equivalent – Cash Bandits slots! This fantastic online slot game comes with a whopping top prize of 30,000x your bet per line and two massive jackpots, including one that resets at $1,000.

Football Frenzy

How about some action-packed soccer? Feel the excitement as the ball enters the goal in the upper left corner, impossible for the goalkeeper to reach. Football Frenzy is an animated slot game with 50 lines of action, bets that range from 5 cents up to $50 per line, innovative gameplay and progressive jackpots for a World Cup experience you will never forget.

Without generalizing, we can say that men usually tend to look for different types of games than women. It’s not like they only play “manly” games, but most of them probably wouldn’t play a game such as High Fashion or Paris Beauty, for instance. For this very reason, we decided to list the five “manliest” games out there.

So for all men out there who love manly slots games, these are the ones for you. Surely, there are others that may spark your interest, but you should definitely give these a try!