Tips For Creating a Multi-Functional Guest Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a guest bedroom in your home, you need to think about how best to use it. While it’s always useful to have a space where visitors can stay when they come to visit, your guest bedroom isn’t going to be occupied full time. With that in mind, finding ways to turn the space into a multi-functional room is essential. After all, modern homes are often small, and making best use of every corner is vital.

The good news is that there are lots of ways in which you can maximize the usefulness of this spare space in your property. Get your guest room to work harder by incorporating some of these great ideas.

Maximize Your Space

The very first step is to maximize the space in your guest room. You can do this by installing a wall bed or sofa bed. This will make sure you have lots of floor space available when the room isn’t occupied, but your visitors still have a comfortable spot to sleep when they arrive for the weekend. Good quality temporary beds are comfortable to sleep on but can be conveniently put away when no longer needed. Some even have storage space inside them for the bedding (for more information about choosing the best bedding sets for your spare room, you’ll more details on

Make A Home Office

Everyone could benefit from having a home office or study in their home – a perfect place to settle down and work on accounts, type letters or file away important papers. One way to create this versatile space in your own home is to incorporate it into your guest room. Simply add a small desk in the corner of your guest room together with a filing cabinet and you’ll have a useful and multi-functional room.

Make A Play Room

Do you have children? If so, a play room will be a useful addition to your home. Nobody wants kids’ toys cluttering up the living area and children’s bedrooms can often become very messy when toys, books and other items start piling up. Resolve this problem by setting up a dedicated space for your children to play in the guest room. Baskets, buckets and drawers are multi-functional additions which will be useful for storing children’s toys and guests’ clothing alike.

Create A Video Gaming Room

If you’re going to have a TV installed in your guest room anyway so your visitors can watch TV in bed, why not turn the room into a video gaming suite for your own use? Connect your games console to the TV, sit on your sofa bed and enjoy yourself to your heart’s content without disturbing anyone else in the house!

Consider A Folding Screen

If you’re planning to make dual use of your spare room by using it as a home office part of the time and a guest room when needed, a folding screen could be a useful addition. When you have visitors to stay, the screen will hide away all the office elements of the space, making them feel as if they have a dedicated bedroom that meets their needs. When you don’t have guests, the screen can simply fold right back against the wall so it won’t be in the way.

Choosing The Right Items

If you’re going to create a multi-functional guest space, the key is to choose versatile accessories and furnishings which can serve dual purpose. A sofa bed which can be a seat or a sleeping spot, a table with integrated storage, a cabinet which can hide away a filing cabinet while also providing hanging space for visitors’ clothes – all these are useful additions to your space which will allow you to maximize its use. As modern homes are smaller than ever, it’s important to get as much use as you can from every single room in your home. Very few people these days can dedicate a whole room solely for guest use, but with a little creativity and an organized approach, you can design a space which will be used regularly but which will easily accommodate your guests whenever they decide to descend on your home!