The Top 4 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy

You have decided that you want to travel to Italy on holiday and as so many people do, you want to make sure you take some great photographs. Making sure you upload some great photographs to Instagram is a lot of fun and can make you appreciate your holiday destination even more. So where are Italy’s most Instagrammable spots? Take a look below for more information:

Cinque Terre

One of Italy’s most stunning spots is without a doubt Cinque Terre. This town is full of pastel-coloured houses that have been painted in different shades. Stretching down to the shoreline, Cinque Terre is full to the brim of history, culture and those all-important Instagrammable spots. To get a really good photograph you may want to make your way to the village of Manarola, or Monterosso al Mare, they’re both nothing short of stunning. This is also a beautiful place for photos for Instagram advertising.


When you think about Venice you no doubt picture St. Mark’s Square, the canals and the whole city. If you would like to take a few pictures you may want to head to the Bridge of Sighs. Perhaps you could also make your way to the Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco as it is particularly beautiful.

You could take a trip to Burano where you’ll find many multicoloured fishermen’s houses. This is an ideal location to take a few photographs, especially when the sun is shining high in the sky. Fancy staying in the area overnight? Look for some cheap holiday offers (Venice can be quite expensive) so you can take more photographs as another day dawns in Venice.


Rome is an undoubtedly beautiful place to visit but you may want to get your camera out at night rather than in the day time. This ancient and vibrant city really comes to life when the sun goes down. Make sure you visit the Trevi Fountain and get as many photographs as you can. All of the local landmarks, particularly the most important ones will be lit up at night. You will never be short of places to photograph while you’re in Rome.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a stunning location and can be found in Tuscany. A very well preserved medieval town, the area is full to the brim of dramatic skylines and impressive wineries. Make your way through the ancient streets and capture the sights that you see. If you can, take a few photographs of the wineries and hills with the town in the background. Trust me, you will get a few stunning photographs that will be perfect for your Instagram account!

Italy is full to the seams of amazingly beautiful places and stunning scenery, but the four destinations you find listed above are the very best places to capture that perfect photograph. Take your camera and make your way to the Cinque Terre, Venice, Rome or San Gimignano and get those photographs you’ve always wanted. Upload the photos to your Instagram account and enjoy showing off your trip to beautiful Italy.