The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Here’s a dream scenario: you have a bottomless bank account, all the time in the world to live the life of Riley, and the first-class jet to take you anywhere you want. Where do you go? If you have longed to tour the great cities and sites of Europe, no doubt you have cobbled together a fantasy holiday using travel brochures and tips from European travel websites. It’s not uncommon, either, for people to take in as much as possible on one trip – if you genuinely believe you won’t be back for a while, you want to see what you can. Thankfully, affordable hotels and hostels throughout Europe and reasonable rail fare can help make the whirlwind tour a reality. All you need to do is decide where to go visit this website

Consider your European vacation bucket list – what cities come foremost to mind. Landmarks, restaurants, and shopping districts? At least you might have a few places down, at most the entire continent. If you had to pick ten, just ten, could you do it? If not, there’s no despair. Have a look at this dream itinerary, presented in no particular order.

1) Amsterdam, Holland:

Holland brings to mind visions of vibrantly-colored tulips and rosy-cheeked children in wooden shoes. You might not see much of the latter on the streets of Amsterdam, but you’ll be awestruck by the historic architecture of the city and boats sailing through the canals.

2) The Swiss Alps: 

You don’t have to be a champion skier to appreciate the majestic chain of mountains conquering the backdrop of your Swiss hideaway. Take in the local culture and enjoy hiking when weather permits, or strap on your skis for the ride of your life!

3) Berlin, Germany: 

The haunting landmarks left behind from World War II serve to remind us of a dark period in history we hope never to repeat. Not all of Berlin reflect this noir attitude. You’ll find museums, gourmet restaurants, and lively nightlife.

4) Vatican City: 

Some of the greatest treasures in the art are located in this one area. Where else can you gaze upward at a chapel ceiling as though looking right into Heaven?

5) Athens, Greece: 

Once the seat of civilization, Athens remains a popular spot for tourists. If your wish is to see the Parthenon and the other temples where early Greeks paid homage to their gods, this is the time to go.

6) Venice, Italy: 

Another time-sensitive destination is gorgeous Venice with her gentle gondolas floating through the city. Though some claim the city is no longer in danger from sinking, one shouldn’t take chances. Go while you can.

7) London, England:

 A majestic city, no doubt first on many lists of places to see. One could count ten or more places to see in this city alone – from the inspiring Westminster Abbey to Abbey Road where the Beatles held court.

8) Moscow, Russia:

 Many vestiges of old Russia remain despite a long period of Communist rule. You’ll find the most remarkable Eastern European architecture here.

9) French Riviera: 

Here is perhaps the most glamorous of European resorts – a playground to the rich and famous. Enjoy the wild nights in Monte Carlo and sun yourself on the shores of Nice.

10) Cliffs of Dover:

 Before people could fly into England, they often crossed by way of these white cliffs. Enjoy a breathtaking view of France on a clear day.