The Spark of Love: 7 Lovely Ways of Showing Your Significant Other How Much You Care

It’s easy to start a relationship with someone new. However, keeping that relationship going long-term takes a lot of effort on both ends. But a relationship isn’t just about staying together; it’s also about maintaining things on a romantic level. Yet, many couples get comfortable with one another over time and stop doing what they did at the start of the relationship.

Fortunately, showing your significant other that you care is easy and doesn’t always have to cost money. Consider the following seven romantic tips to make your partner feel special and loved:


  • Write them a sweet letter.


In this era, many are too busy to state how much they care about a person. Technology has made it far too simple to send a few brief words or abbreviations on the go. But handwriting a letter on paper with proper grammar without the use of abbreviations shows your seriousness for a person. Plus, written letters are scarcely written today, making them extra special.


  • Surprise them with their favorite snacks.


Everyone loves food. Every now and then, it’s a great idea to surprise your significant other with snacks, beverages, or meals that they particularly love. A bar of chocolate, bag of chips, an espresso, or Chinese take-out might do. However, be sure to surprise your loved one sparingly when it comes to unhealthy foods and drinks.


  • Give them a message.


Research shows that giving your partner a massage can improve not just their physical and emotional wellbeing but also yours. In turn, giving your significant other a massage may improve your relationship with one another in general. That said, sometimes it’s not just words and physical gifts that make your partner feel loved but also actions.


  • Helping around the house.


Whether you live together, occasionally stay the night together, or frequently visit their home in the daytime, helping your significant other around the house shows you care. Help your partner fold laundry or trim their trees in the yard for them when they are stressed or feeling unwell. This will prove to them that you care about their emotional and/or physical wellbeing.


  • Gift them custom jewelry.


Custom jewelry like a custom name necklace makes for a one-of-a-kind gift that will truly feel special when your significant other receives it. You might also get a piece of jewelry or keychain with both of your names or anniversary date engraved on it as a romantic keepsake.


  • Put your cellphone down.


People of all ages seem to always be connected – but not to their partner but to their cellphone! Whether going out to dinner or sitting on the couch while watching television, putting your phone down more often shows that you are invested in the moments spent with your significant other and are enticed by them rather than what’s flashing across your phone.


  • Take the time to actually listen to them.


This point partially ties in with the last point. However, listening goes beyond minimizing distractions and focusing on what a person is saying. A big part of listening is responding as well as acting based on what your partner says. After all, communication is a critical component of a relationship, and many claim their partners are poor listeners.


Relationships aren’t easy. However, showing your significant other that you love and care about them is not rocket science. Writing a love letter, surprising them with their favorite snacks, giving them a message, cleaning up around the house, gifting them custom jewelry, putting your cellphone down when around them, and listening to them are some ways to show you care.