Tent Training – How to Improve Your Camping Experience

Camping is great fun. There are a multitude of reasons why it’s good to get out of the house and the creature comforts for a few days or a week and reconnect with nature, get your hands dirty in the bush and roast some marshmallows over the fire. To start with, getting away from the screens for a while can help to detox you from technology and reset your circadian rhythms, and connecting with family and friends without the distractions of modern life is always worth it. But some people have had some bad experiences camping — and that’s often due to being underprepared or not prepared at all! So let’s do some tent training and learn how you can drastically improve your camping experience.

Get a Decent Tent

Camping in a subpar tent is no fun. So, if your tent is old or had mildew or holes then head to the camping store to upgrade. There’s quite a crowded market for tents — from easy to erect single person models through to large, multi-room family behemoths. Ultimately, you need to figure out how many people need to sleep comfortably and what your budget is and that will inform what tent to get. A word of warning though — cheap tents can cost you more in the long run because they can break after a trip or two, forcing you to replace them. It’s better to spend a bit more and get something that will last you years of camping trips.

Shade Structures for Comfort

Going camping without shade isn’t a good idea — especially if you’re going during the peak of summer. Shade can help you avoid the harmful rays of the sun and keep you cool during the hot days. So, invest in a decent gazebo that will keep you in the shade all year round. Just be careful when putting your gazebo up, be sure to follow the instructions otherwise you can damage the frame and spoil your trip.

Pack Nice Food and Drink

Although it can be good to “rough it” a bit while camping, there’s no reason why you can’t pack some delicious meals and snacks to enjoy on your trip. As long as you have a good Esky and some ice to keep your perishable food cold and fresh there’s no limit to what you can pack.

As well as your staples like sausages and bread consider packing some deli meats, olives, cheeses, grapes and other healthy snack foods to make some share platters to enjoy. For drinks, consider sparkling water, some nice wine, cold beers for those hot days and juice for the kids — but don’t forget plain old drinking water. You should pack 2 litres a day for each person in the cooler months and 3 litres during summer.

Staying Entertained

Camping shouldn’t be boring, but if you rely on technology for entertainment you may be in for a bit of a shock when you’re forced to unplug. To make your adventure fun, pack some things to keep you entertained. A deck of cards is always a good idea, as are board games. You could also pack some arts and crafts — mindful colouring is an option, as is paint by numbers.

An Adventuresome Conclusion

Camping should be a fun experience! Make sure that you have a decent tent and some shade to help you stay comfortable during your trip. There’s no reason why you can’t pack some yummy food and drink to enjoy while you’re camping, and pack some cards and games to keep you entertained. Enjoy the time away, and come back feeling rejuvenated.