Taking Care of Your Health While You Travel

Hopping from one destination to the next might be exhausting for you, especially when you have to keep appointments. As a result, you can forget to take care of your health by foregoing small things like meals and sleep. You need to practice healthy travel to ensure you have enough energy for your next appointment. Here are ways on how you can achieve healthy travel. And to find best accessories for traveling and other gadgets, check out GearHungry.

1. Have Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is known to have a serious impact on individuals, and frequent travelers are especially likely to have inadequate or disturbed sleep. Take every opportunity available to catch a nap; be it in a taxi, during a flight, or even at the airport lounge when waiting for a connecting flight. Sleeping will give you the energy to embark on your next travel activity.

2. Eat and Hydrate

As you may not have time to get into an eatery and have a meal, you should pack healthy snacks before you start your journey. Do not eat junk food but take fruits and nuts instead. Water is another thing that some travelers forget to take with them; carry a water bottle when leaving the house and take up the ones offered during flights. It is recommended that you drink water instead of juice or soda, which might be high in sugar.

3. Use Hand Sanitizer

When you need to eat, you will need to do so with clean hands, but soap and water may not be at your disposal. When using public transport, you’re likely to come in contact with germs from the large number of people who also use the service. To protect yourself from acquiring germs, make sure to carry a hand sanitizer to clean your hands from time to time and before you need to eat.

4. Stretch Out

Sitting for long periods can be detrimental to your health. When you have the chance, stand up and take a walk to stretch your legs. Stretching will increase your blood flow, leaving you feeling refreshed and energetic. You can try some shoulder or neck rolls, leg stretches, and back twists anywhere, even in the restroom or while waiting in line to get into a train or airplane.

5. Protect Your Skin

If your travel involves being outdoors for long periods, make sure to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions. It is good to apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 and make sure to reapply after every two hours. When in places with a large population of insects and mosquitoes, use an insect repellent to keep them off. Also, if you plan to spend the night in the area, make sure you sleep under a mosquito net.

6. Eat Breakfast

After resting through the night, you should have a healthy breakfast before you set off for the day, which will keep you energized during the day. A simple breakfast isn’t difficult to prepare; you can purchase a packet of instant oatmeal and add hot water and you’re ready to go. Alternatively, you can grab a glass of orange juice and pastries from a bakery nearby.

7. Take Sweet Drinks and Alcohol in Moderation

Alcohol will disrupt your sleep, which will affect the way you’ll function the next day. It is also full of calories and sugar which will not help with proper body function. Additionally, alcohol will leave you dehydrated. Try to limit your alcohol consumption even on a night out, perhaps replace every second drink with a soft drink or water instead.

8. Carry a Health Kit

It is advisable to carry a health kit as you never know when you or someone else might need it. Typical ingredients of health kits include painkillers, any prescription medication you are taking, tablets for motion sickness, antacids, antihistamines, an assortment of vitamins, and anti-diarrheal medicine.

Also, if you are traveling across countries, talk to a doctor to make sure you know what vaccinations you are required to have before entry. Make sure to wear socks when traveling, especially when going through airports. This helps during security checks, as you will sometimes be required to remove your shoes, leaving your feet exposed to germs on the floor.
Travel can be of great benefit to your health and wellbeing. Making your health a priority when traveling will ensure that you have a fruitful experience. Observe the tips above and you will be sure to have a healthy journey.