Syracuse Restaurants 101: Tips When Eating Out At A Restaurant For A Great Experience

Eating out is an excellent time for you to bond with family, friends, or even to de-stress by yourself. A good meal is always a great picker-upper. In Syracuse, New York, there are many restaurants for you to choose from, for whatever type of dish you fancy. If you’re planning to head out to Syracuse for a great meal, here are some tips to bring with you to increase your dining experience:

1. Read the menu before finally deciding on a restaurant

In Syracuse, there are so many restaurants for you to choose from. They offer all sorts of options, with dish palettes from all over the world. The last thing that you would want is to end up arguing as to which restaurant to go to, and later on regret it, after paying the bill.

In the same manner, as you would when window-shopping, look around first, and choose at least two to three restaurants. Take time to check their menu before finally deciding on where to dine. When you do this, you have a higher chance of actually enjoying a meal because you are sure that there is something you would like to try from their menu.

One way for you to check out a restaurant’s menu is to visit their website first before you go, such as

2. Allow your mind to take a break from all the calorie counting

If you are the health-conscious type when you make your meals at home, take a break from this practice of calorie counting whenever you do decide to eat at a restaurant. You will not get to enjoy your restaurant experience if you are too focused on the calories. Remember that, yes, you can cheat once in a while, too, to give yourself a treat. If you focus too much on the calories, you will not get to enjoy the meal, as your mind tends to be too conscious about the fats that may come along with your food.

3. Ask for the best sellers in the restaurant

Once you have finally settled on a restaurant, as you order, do not be afraid to ask for recommendations as well from the servers or the chef. You can ask them for the best sellers that regular patrons and food insiders keep coming back for. Apart from the best sellers, you can also ask the restaurant for that one dish that they are known for, or what their specialties are.

4. Slow down when eating and take the time to savor every bite

When you are eating at home, you might have the tendency to eat fast. The demands of daily life are very fast-paced, so eating is really a luxury. The apparent trend nowadays is to sacrifice a sumptuous meal in exchange for more time to travel to and from work, not to mention doing the work itself.

When you are in a restaurant, however, your attitude should be different. The fact that you gave up time to do other things to enjoy the company of friends or family in a restaurant means that you should be there to relax. Take it slow when you eat and do savor every bite. In this manner, you get to taste the food more, rather than just plainly chewing and swallowing fast to finish your meal fast.

5. Try out different dishes to share with your companions

Instead of ordering one dish for every person that they can eat individually, you can try to order as many food options as you can as a group, share it between each other, and split the bill. In this manner, you get to enjoy more what the restaurant has to offer, since you get to taste a variety of their specialties as well. Dining in this way is excellent for the following:

  • Trying out foreign dishes
  • Trying out various specialties
  • Trying out desserts

6. Watch out for promos or happy hours

There are many restaurants in Syracuse, as most do, that would offer promos and happy hours. Do not be afraid to dine during these hours. When you go for happy hours, you can get drinks at a discount, which would cut your expenses since it’s usually the drinks that can make your bill escalate. Instead of spending too much on drinks, you can have a little bit more extra to pay for additional food you want to try out.

Be cautious, however, about the noise and crowd as well. If you do not mind the crowd and the sound, then happy hours are great for you. If you are the type to prefer quiet places, then have the hour of dining in mind as well.


These tips can help make eating out a fun and enjoyable experience for you. Especially when you are spending so much money for a meal, you should make the most out of every dollar that you shell out. In Syracuse, there is a wide array of restaurants for you to choose from, so make sure that you enjoy every moment of your dining experience, be it alone or with a group.