Something New: How Tech-Savvy Brides Communicate with Guests and Save Time

How to Take Advantage of the Wedding Planning Secret Weapon Every Bride Should Use

Every bride knows what she needs for a successful wedding day– something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. While your “something new” can be a gorgeous custom wedding gown or some sparkly sky-high wedding heels, some tech-savvy brides are taking a different approach. What if your “something new” could help you stay organized, communicate with your guests, and save you valuable wedding-planning time?

In this article we’re talking about the secret to streamline wedding communication– using mail merge software. We’ll be going over:

  • What mail merge is
  • Why mail merge doesn’t need to be left at work
  • How to use mail merge to make your big day better

What is mail merge?

If you’ve heard of or worked with mail merge before, it was probably in a professional setting. Mail merge software is is used to combine data (for example, a spreadsheet with customer information) with an email template to send personalized messages to everyone on your list.

Companies everywhere use mail merge software to handle outreach and mass communications. If that sounds stuffy and boring, don’t worry– there are plenty of ways to use mail merge outside of the office.

You’ve already got something old, borrowed, and blue– now put a new twist on wedding planning with mail merge.

What does mail merge have to do with my wedding?

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. There are so many decisions to make, and once you’ve arranged everything, you have to communicate those decisions to your guests. Yikes.

Of course, you have options. You could go the old school route and send information by mail, but buying stationary can get expensive. You could go all out on a wedding website, but if you aren’t already well-versed in web design, wedding websites can be frustrating and eat up tons of your precious wedding planning time.

That’s why tech-savvy brides use mail merge to communicate with wedding guests. There are easy-to-use mail merge solutions that you can install in Google chrome. They work with Gmail and have plenty of documentation, making them the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to tell your guests about your big day.

Mail merge isn’t just for business– you can use it to organize your wedding and other event communications as well.

How can I use mail merge as a wedding planning tool?

You don’t have to be convinced just yet– give mail merge a try first. Start out by finding the Gmass application in the Google Chrome extension store. You can try it for free to get a feel how mail merge works.

Gmass also offers extensive tutorials on their website, which makes it easy to turn a Google Sheet full of contact info into beautiful, personalized email messages to your entire wedding guest list.

Spend less time planning with guests and more time enjoying the wedding planning process when you use mail merge to send important wedding information to guests.

If you’re still looking for something new to try for your wedding, check out mail merge. It’ll make your life so much easier, giving you more time to get back to what’s important– planning your wedding and spending time with your husband-to-be.