Seven Tips for Taking Your Corporate Events to the Next Level

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Ah, corporate events. They are meant to be fun, but let’s face it, no matter how much you may like the crew at work, you just don’t want to see them during your leisure time. 

No understands this more than a corporate event planner. That’s why he or she must make sure their pre event planning includes something out of the box that will work to both impress and entertain. 

If the task of planning your corporation’s event has fallen on your shoulders this year, here are some out of the box ideas you will want to make sure to include in your event planning checklist.

An Immersive Entrance: With the right corporate event planning, you can create an entrance that immediately transports your guests. The transformation of your venue should be apparent from the moment they walk in. You can do this by providing the right lighting and an interactive experience that is fun and integrates the theme of your event. 

Immediate Interactions: Once a guest has entered the venue, the interaction provided shouldn’t end there. Make sure this carries through to the lobby providing opportunities for guests to sign in with relevant messages or other similar activities.

Themed Staff Outfits: If your staff is going to double as corporate event management, working to help host the event, make sure they are dressed accordingly. The outfits they wear should match the type of activities they are executing, the theme of the event and the rooms they are working in. 

Customized Rooms and Areas: If your event includes different themes, create rooms and areas that represent these themes. This is a great way to express the mission of your event while promoting comfort and networking.

Unique Entertainment: Be sure your event planning guide includes the acquisition of unique entertainment for your event. Dancers, drummers, stilt walkers and dueling DJ’s are all trending as being ideal for corporate events. Of course, musical entertainment is more popular than ever and you can fit the bill by providing a band who puts a fresh spin on pop and hip hop classics.

Themed Catering: It’s great if you can provide food that matches the theme of your party. Take it to the next level by providing different types of refreshments in different rooms to match your customized areas.

Awe-Inspiring Installations: Admittedly, an artistic installation that carries on the theme of your event will wow your guests. However, if you don’t have the budget, you can use what’s available to create pieces of art that can be equally unique. 

The best practices in corporate event planning include creating an event that will educate and delight your guests while taking them outside the mundanity of the workplace. Good luck making your event the talk of water cooler gossip for weeks to come.