Looking For The Best Boat Holidays In Europe – Read On

There is no doubt that Europe has been endowed with some of the most fascinating and gorgeous waterways and water bodies. Hence, if you are keen on enjoying the best boat holidays, it makes sense for you to go through this article. We are happy to share a few of the most famous and memorable water cruising in rivers of Germany and a few other countries in Europe. We are sure you will have a great time in these river water and other water-body expeditions. You will come back with the best of memories for sure. Without much ado let us get down to listing and writing a few lines about these wonderful watery expeditions.

Burgundy Canal

This is without any doubt of the best canal cruising expeditions not only in Europe but also perhaps across the world. The waterway is quite historic and it winds past the vineyards and chateaux along its way. The scenery is so beautiful and there is so much history behind each of the locations that you would be tempted to stop almost everywhere. You can board a barge at Chagny and move south on the canal. You need to be well stocked with bread, wine and cheese. This is because many locks stay closed from noon to 2 pm. You certainly will love this canal boat journey as you wake up to the first rays of the sunlight during dawn. Sitting in the deck and sipping a glass of champagne or wine would certainly remain etched in your memory till the day the person concerned leaves this world.

Canal Du Midi – France

The canal du mildi is another breathtaking waterway in France that should not be missed if you love water and the quiet forest and other natural sceneries that abound along the way. The canal runs for a total of 240 kilometers. It meanders and weaves its way through beautiful and historical villages like Paraza, Le Somail, Homps and of course the majestic and breathtaking Carcassonne. You will be able to enjoy many a small town environments along the way. You can make the visit even special by enjoying the stops and time you spend at the small little lock houses. You also can get to enjoy some of the most perfectly chilled bottles of rose. It certainly will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience for many and should never be missed.

The Camargue, France

Not many people might perhaps be aware of the fact that Camargue, France is a good and scenically beautiful canal route. If you are keen on enjoying the wild world of South France then a water trip down the Camargue Canal is a must. There is no better way to enjoy food and wine while relishing the raw beauty of nature as the canal moves and meanders its way through. Along the way you can come across the famous Camargue horses, wild bulls, migratory birds including flamingos that come to the wetlands in search of food and also for mating and carrying their species forward. You also will be witness to some fascinating historical places. These include the fortress seaport of Aigues-Mortes. This port town has a cozy and beautiful little down that not many people are aware of. You have some of the best bars and shops behind the medieval walls. It could be the best trip for novice boat users because you have quite few locks along the way.

Plau Am See, Mecklenburg

This is a part of the wonderful and peaceful canals that lie between the Baltic Coast and Berlin. It also is famous for its emerald lakes. As a boat cruiser you will not be alone and you will have sea eagles, Eurasian cranes and otters as company. The water is indeed very clean. You will not have to search too much for a secluded spot for that refreshing dip. It will be as good as any hot tub bath during summer. You will be filled with happiness and ecstasy as you move through the fascinating timber villages. Yes, these villages may have been forgotten in the journey of time.

You also can come across many supermarkets that have quite a few things to offer for picnickers. The supermarkets are also cheap and will not burn a hole in your pocket. There are special inns that service smoked fish and this is a local specialty. You can enjoy the best of smoked fish made from eel, pike and trout. You must not also forget to try the local beer and you will be left asking for more.

Krutynia River Trail – Lake Biale

Situated in the north-east part of Poland’s Masurian Lake District, Lake Biale and the Krutynia river trail is an awesome place to be in. You will be away from human beings, save a few fishermen. The wildlife here is generous and ranges from cuckoos and fish and the soundtrack from them will keep you company the whole day.

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In fine, there is no denying the fact that Europe has some of the best waterways and canals and you might have a problem choosing the right one. This is because each one is perhaps better than the other.