Knowing Your Limits: 10 Tips for Being a Responsible Drinker

Recently, it has become popular to engage in social drinking. As a result, there have been many tragedies related to not knowing how to drink responsibly and not having a proper education on how to avoid very dangerous life-threatening situations that involve drinking in excess of one’s personal limits. It is important for both parents and younger individuals to understand what precautions are necessary to drink responsibly and to still have a fun evening. By doing so, it will present a lower safety risk that still enables people to go out and enjoy themselves. If you have a younger son or daughter or regularly go out drinking with your friends, it is important to review the information below on how to be a responsible drinker:

10 Tips to Being a Responsible Drinker

It is important to drink responsibly every time you consume alcohol. Failure to do so could cause not only harm to yourself, but also to other people on the road if you happen to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Bear in mind these ten tips for responsible drinking to avoid common pitfalls amongst young people and adults:

Discover More Moderate Cocktails

Right now, cocktails and mixology are in style and that is a great hobby to enjoy. There are so many fascinating cocktails to enjoy and many of them can be consumed while drinking responsibly. Read an informative cocktail blog and try a new recipe each week. Then, try to pair the cocktail with interesting culinary delights with your family or friends. You will be amazed by many different cocktails that exist today. By taking the time to learn something new, you will quickly discover that this is a very interesting pastime that enables you to develop a taste for finer cocktails.

Learn which Types of Alcohol Are the Strongest

It is important to understand that every kind of alcohol has a percentage or proof of alcohol within the bottle. You need to pay attention to this and know which kinds of alcohol are the strongest because those are the ones that will have the strongest effect on you. If you are someone who feels the effects of alcohol quickly, then you will want to stay away from stronger alcohols types such as Tequila, Scotch or Absinth. Beer and wine many times have lower levels of alcohol unless the beer is a craft beer with a higher percentage. Make sure you don’t make assumptions and that you read the bottle to know the percentage of alcohol. This way, you will be able to gauge what your limit is and enjoy the night of going out with your friends.

Never Drink on an Empty Stomach

Drinking on an empty stomach is not a wise decision. You need to have protein or carbohydrates in your stomach otherwise you will get drunk much faster. If you are planning on going out, have a large lunch and try to eat dinner before you meet your friends so that you have enough food in your stomach. If your friends have not learned this lesson yet, explain it to them. Also, tell your son or daughter to always eat before they consume any form of alcohol. This will lower their risk of going beyond the alcohol limit they should be consuming.

Do Not Mix Different Types of Alcohol

Mixing different kinds of alcohol never ends well. You need to think carefully about what kind of alcohol you are going to drink and stick to that kind of alcohol. For example, if you want to have beer do not have a vodka after. This may cause you to get sick. The same goes for a glass of red wine and a shot of Tequila. Combining different kinds of alcohol causes you to feel the effects of alcohol and possibly even subject you to certain health pitfalls.

Make Sure You Always See Your Drink Being Poured

There are many times that students or young professionals have had someone mixing their drink slip a drug in the drink. The rule of thumb is that it is fine to go out; however, it is vital for you to see every single drink that is poured before you consume it. This will help you to have a reduced risk of having your drink drugged, which will cause you even worse side effects than the typical consumption of alcohol.

Have a Glass of Water Throughout the Evening

Usually, it is best to have a glass of water after every two drinks you consume. This will help you not feel the effects of alcohol as quickly and it will also reduce your risk of having a hangover the next day. Make sure to order water with a stronger drink so that you can enjoy your evening and not feel terrible the next day.

Do Not Drive Any Vehicle While Drinking

Many people suggest having a designated driver. It is best to avoid any form of driving altogether and get an Uber or Lyft. Typically, if there is a designated driver, they can become distracted by their friends who are drinking or end up drinking themselves at the party, which puts their passengers and other drivers on the road at risk. It is best to just decide that either walking or taxis with drivers will occur. This is the best way to go out, have fun, and drink responsibly.

Always Drink with Friends

It is never a good idea to drink alone. It is also not wise to go to a bar alone and drink there. Drinking with friends allows someone to supervise your drinks while you go to the restroom and to ensure that you have someone to take a taxi with or walk home later. Make sure to always have a transport buddy with you so that you are never alone in a bar or walking home alone late at night. This will make sure that you are as safe as you can be while socially drinking.

Avoid Shots or Drinking Games

Peer pressure is a common issue that gets in the way of responsible drinking. Some popular drinking games are ones such as Kings, Flip Cup or Beer Pong that essentially encourages binge drinking according to your peer’s drinking desires. It is best to avoid drinking games entirely and go at your own pace. Only have a drink when you want one so that you are not drinking too much. Taking shots is another popular form of peer pressure that causes people to get drunk very quickly and in a dangerous way. Remember, if you are not good at drinking too much alcohol, then you should not be taking shots ever.

Consider Quality Over Quantity

Remember one of the main ways to drink responsibly is to enjoy and savor what you are drinking. Many times, the binge drinking culture has grown substantially, and people forget that there are aspects of alcohol to be enjoyed such as flavor and food pairing. For example, there are so many different wine grapes to enjoy or scotches to sample. The key is to take time to learn about the different types of alcohol out there and then understand which kinds of alcohol are of higher quality and which ones are your favorites. This way you can drink responsibly and enjoy the experience of doing so with less alcoholic beverages that may be more expensive yet have a much better flavor.

Final Remarks

Knowing your limits is important and often times, many individuals forget the value of observing their drinking limits. Remember, that every person has different body chemistry. This means that they will respond to alcohol consumption differently. A person who is taller and heavier may be able to drink more than a smaller skinny person. This also has an impact on whether the person has eaten all day and whether they are dehydrated. Remember to understand your limits and set a drinking limit each time you go out. Try to avoid drinking games because they are an easy way for you to lose your inhibitions and drink much more than you should. In addition, make sure that you do not mix different kinds of alcohol. Choose a specific type of alcohol and stick to it for the evening. Make sure that you are not drinking alone and if you are going out, try to have a buddy to walk or take a taxi home with. It is also important to realize that drinking and driving should never mix. The sooner that you put together all of these habits the better. If you have a son or daughter that is approaching the partying age, you are doing them a disservice by not being honest with them about the realities of responsible drinking and how to avoid dangerous circumstances while they are out with their friends. It is wise to share with your children all of the aforementioned tips above so that there can be more individuals out there knowing their limits and practicing responsible drinking habits.