How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sexual expression can be a difficult area for those looking to explore and expand their intimate horizons. Hundreds of books are dedicated to all areas of sex, beginning with the oldest and most famous manual, the Kama Sutra. You may imagine the freedom of letting go with your partner, but it can be sensitive and, for some, an embarrassing subject. Or perhaps you are in need of adding some adventure into your lovemaking. Luckily, many things can help you discover how to have an exciting sex life. Here are some ways to spice it up in the bedroom.

First and foremost is trust

Trust and sex are important components, especially when you are in a committed relationship. Second-guessing someone you love and care about can bring stress into your life. This can lead to rocky episodes in marriages, friendships, and sexual relationships. It is also a major issue that sends people to therapy. Finding a solid ground with your partner is vital to a healthy and outgoing link with each other. Oxytocin, commonly known as the love hormone, is a chemical in your body that makes you happy. It also appears in couples who have mutual trust. Another important thing you should establish is a safe word between you. You never know how things will start to heat up. It is always better to be prepared when you begin.

Toys and props

Toys such as vibrators come in all colors, shapes, and textures. They can be used in various ways by both of you or only one. Ropes can be used for tying up each other, leaving yourself completely in the hands of your partner. This can help intensify sensations when using props such as feathers or ice when you can’t willingly turn away. Blindfolding your partner gives you the mystery and anticipation of when and where they are going to touch you. Toys such as life-sized California Dolls are designed to be anatomically and aesthetically pleasing and incredibly realistic. Some are programmed with artificial intelligence so they can respond to touch with lifelike verbalizations and sounds.

Mutual masturbation

Mapping out your own body is a great way to figure out exactly where you like being touched and how. This can be more intimate than sex itself because no one knows your body like you. Introducing your partner to this part of your life can be thrilling and create a deeper connection between you. You can use toys or just each other. The best part is finding places on yourself and each other you love and maybe didn’t know about before.

Sexual positions

Researching sexual positions can be helpful in finding that new move you want to go to. The Kama Sutra was published thousands of years ago and included detailed illustrations of how to perform poses. It also teaches you to open up and find your desires. You’ll find plenty of ways to twist and turn to get a deeper connection physically and emotionally. Whether you enjoy being face to face or being flipped every which way, you can find new favorites you both become fond of. Sex can also be a great way to burn a few calories. Make sure you can safely twist and turn together with partner yoga, which can also start to heat things up earlier in the day in anticipation for later.

Watching erotic movies together

Porn has the reputation of being secretive and can carry a negative connotation. However, watching erotic movies with your partner can be exactly what you need. You can choose what you find arousing and comfortable with. Sometimes just watching other people enjoying each other can be enough to light the spark for yourself. It can inspire real desires you both may share. Watching other people can even influence you to try something new and gives you a bond you didn’t have before. Speaking up about what you like can be intimidating. Here is a chance to let somebody else show your partner exactly what you would wish to try.

Thrill-seeking sex

You can add spice simply by moving beyond closed doors and entering a world of the unknown. Sex under the stars can be romantic, and it adds a bit of a rush knowing you could very well get caught. It’s the same reason people hop on a roller coaster or go sky diving. The element of thrills and secrecy can be sexually appealing. Some experts feel those who seek that feeling part of being human. The sensation of doing something out of the norm can add to the excitement, such as skinny-dipping in the pool where someone else could see.