How to Get a Taste of Asia Without Leaving Your Home

Whether you’ve perhaps visited Asia before or would love to travel there but have yet to do so, don’t despair. You can get a taste of Asia right here in your home. There are plenty of ways to use globalization to your advantage with local oriental food stores selling imported food from Japan, Thailand, Korea and elsewhere in the South-east Asia region. Indeed, there are other ways to enjoy a bit of Asia too.

Here are some suggestions about how to infuse your life with some Asian influences before taking a vacation.

Create a Japanese-inspired Garden

For avid gardeners, one way to bring a little Japan into your life is to convert part or all of your garden into a Japanese garden oasis.

What typifies a Japanese approach is a type of minimalization. This is because, in Japan, space is at a premium. Almost all homeowners there have smaller gardens than in the West and many only grow plants indoors. Similarly, their approach to gardening is different too.

A simplification of the range of colors is used to make gardens easier to maintain. Open spaces are prioritized, with plants strategically positioned to augment them. Hedges are smaller and pruned in interesting shapes to be a feature all their own. Stone paths and other landscaping are popular too.

Learn to Cook Thai Food

Thai food looks complicated to prepare, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not difficult. There’s a good number of ingredients used, but they’re often utilized in different dishes. Therefore, once you buy the necessary ingredients in a supermarket or Asian-style food store, then many different dishes can be prepared.

It’s a good idea to study some YouTube videos to see how dishes are made, purchase a book on Thai cooking or take a cooking class online run by a Thai chef. If you choose to visit Thailand at a later date, there are plenty of cooking classes to learn to prepare regional dishes too.

The subtle regional variations to common Thai dishes are interesting to learn because they illustrate historical influences such as curry-based dishes in some parts of the country and more traditionally prepared Thai dishes in the capital.

Bringing Your Entertainment Home

For the more adventurous man or woman who lacks a romantic partner and wants to get in the mood, then consider trying a Japanese silicone doll. They’re available in different characters including Japanese female erotic models. They’re designed to use materials that feel good to the touch and deliver a sense of authenticity to the experience. If you want a different taste of Asia without leaving the comfort of your home, this is another thing to try.

Learn an Asian Language

Talking with local people in an Asian community like Chinatown, it’s useful to take classes in the language first. Practicing a language that takes time to get used to breaks down the language barrier within the Asian communities that you have access to.

It’s also useful to go beyond the basics with language because it prepares you for a future trip out to the region. Even being able to know the numbers, basic greetings, ask for directions, and frequently used phrases makes any visit far more enjoyable.

You’ll then be able to go shopping, ask how much items cost, negotiate the price and find your way around much easier. Also, having made more effort to learn to speak some words, local people are going to be far more open to conversing with you. They’re often surprised when a Westerner knows any words in their language.

It’s very possible to enjoy some Asian influences and pick up some new oriental skills from your home. Thanks to the internet, a world of home education on far away places is easily within reach now too.