How To Ensure Your Home Is Safe From Fire

The worst thing and nightmare that you would never wish to happen is as you sound asleep and jolted awake by the smoke, flames, and the sound of your smoke detector. What is scary is your family, your wife, your kids have less than two minutes to get out before the smoke will engulf the entire house. 


You wouldn’t want to regret the rest of your life. You won’t want to lose someone if you have done something to prevent the tragedy from happening. 

In the United States, a house fire tragedy happens in every 86 second, bringing half a million of damage every year. Tragic incidents like fire can always be avoided if the homeowners are still proactive. 

Here the top tips to ensure your home is safe from fire

  • Start by providing the proper installation of electrical wirings. More importantly, check your appliances if there are no damages and wiring problems that can cause electrical shocks that can emit fire. The electrical systems must have a better and quality Current Shunt Resistor that controls and manages the current flow. Most homes are lax when it comes to checking the electrical wirings. If you are not sure and doesn’t have any knowledge on how to check and install electrical systems, always get professional help.
  • Install fire alarms and smoke detectors. Never underestimate the capacity and purpose of early warning devices. When a smoke detector gives a warning sound when a fire occurs, there is a high percentage that all people inside the affected house can execute proper evacuation and head to a haven. It is a recommendation that you install smoke detectors at all levels of your home. Never forget to test each alarm once a month. Often, the batteries wear out immediately. The batteries are affordable, so you have no reason to maintain these warning devices regularly. 
  • Do not ignore to teach your children the basics of fire safety and how to prevent, prepare for, and procedures if a fire incident happens. Children can understand because they have an evolving capacity. You need to explain to them the purpose. Please do a fire drill at home so children can build their knowledge and skills. Doing this will help not to get panic if the fire will happen.
  • Keep away all those that produce fire from children. Examples of these items are matches, lighter, and stove. Remember, children are curious. They want to seek answers to things that disturb them. Fire producing equipment is very tempting. You better not stop setting the rules, talking to them, and putting these items away from their reach. 
  • If you are or any member of the household that smoke, set the rule that smoking must be done only outside the house. Set a distance far from the doorsteps of your home. You are not only avoiding the effects of secondary smoking but also preventing the burning cigar or cigarette from catching light materials inside the house to create fire. 
  • When cooking, cook food only in the kitchen or the backyard if you need to grill fresh meat or fish. 
  • Never forget to turn-off and pull out the plug of any appliances that are not in use. While it is in the socket, it produces electricity. If a spark or shock happens, it can create fire.
  • Eating outside the house is a tradition in every home. It is fun and exciting. Commonly, families set up a fire to grill sausage, steak, or meat to fellowship. Sometimes, families set up a bonfire for a family bonding activity. Before doing this, always check the weather situation. If the days are too dry and the surrounding is dry better not do it or spray some water around so the surrounding will have good moisture not to attract any fire to spread immediately. 
  • Know and prepare Fire Safety Products:
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blanket. 
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Home Fire Sprinklers
  • Fire Escape Ladder