How to Avoid the Bad Taste When Switching from One E-Liquid to Another?

Sometimes finding a great e-liquid to enjoy has its problems. You may not know where to start when considering why your juice isn’t giving a good flavor. Many want to know what to do before switching flavors so they don’t get a bad taste in their mouth. Fortunately, there are a few simple actions you can do to improve your vaping experience with a new e-liquid flavor. Here are some useful tips.

Change power settings

Try making changes to the setting on your device by a notch or two. Sometimes making a slight adjustment creates a better flavor and some e-liquids may require it based on personal experience. See what others are saying when it comes to experiencing certain flavors. You may learn tips on what other customers have done with their device to get a better flavor. Better yet, you may also learn which flavors are best for your device. Learn which flavors are recommended by others before trying out a new flavor so you don’t waste your money.

Are your juices steeped?

Many enjoy juice bundles for hardcore vaping enthusiasts, but you may need to steep your juice to encourage better flavor. E-liquids are high in demand by manufacturers and while in the rush to get the products out to consumers, it may be un-steeped. Many flavors have more than one flavor incorporated in the juice to produce a specific type of flavor. Before getting rid of the juice try steeping to encourage the flavors to mix. It may help remove bitterness, but it also requires patience. Some steeping may take a couple of weeks but it helps the flavors become sweeter through oxidation. You can also try mixing the juices especially since they may separate during the shipping process.

Pay attention to your wick

You may have to prepare your wick to get a better flavor. To do this, simply prime or loop the wick and make sure it is saturated in the coil tank. Do these actions before vaping. Before putting the tank together give the coil and cord a little juice. A terrible flavor may result if you don’t prime your cord or wick. Make sure your wick is clean. Trying to vape with a device that is not clean may result in a nasty flavor. The juice may not be the problem, but it may be parts of your device being unclean as the culprit. Caramelization of sugar, dust, dirt, and other debris builds up in the tank of the device. Clean it once a week by rinsing it in hot water and regularly change your cotton. The loop may get destroyed quickly by certain juices, so make sure your coil is cleaned thoroughly.

Overall, these tips may help avoid a bitter taste while helping you consider what to do before vaping with additional flavors. Even quality brands may have a bad batch of e-liquid. Keep your device clean, steep your liquid if bitter, and prime your wick to ensure a great vaping experience.