How The Internet Changed Our Attitudes To Sex

The internet has been in our homes for more than 20 years now, and it has changed our attitudes towards sex and sexuality. In the old, pre-internet, days our exposure to sex would be limited to movies and what we would read in magazines and newspapers, anything more would require a trip to a specialist bookstore or other such establishment, 

We’re More Clued Up
The average American these days is much more clued up than our counterparts from previous generations. The mere exposure to adult material on the internet is one thing and the vast majority of us have seen some level of pornography. But it’s about more than just viewing porn if you have queries or ideas about sexual techniques and positions you’d like to try out then there are so many resources such as sex tutorials online.

It Allows Us More Exposure To Alternative Lifestyles
If we are interested in expanded our sexual and romantic horizons then we can find exposure to a whole range of new possibilities online, we can find like-minded people to talk, exchange ideas or even meet up if we feel comfortable to do so. For people who are coming to terms with their own sexuality the internet has provided a safe space to be themselves before coming out to the world as gay, trans or whatever their preferred identity is.

There Are Opportunities To Make Money Online
For those of us that are body confident then there are ways to make some money online. We can make this money nude modeling or even by running our own live video feeds, you can easily sign up to be a model in this line of work through a site like Is My Girl modeling. Be sure you are comfortable with this type of work though because once it’s out there it’s going to stay out there.

The Dating World Has Expanded
If you are older than a millennial then you will remember what the dating world was like before Tinder and all of its contemporaries came along. Real-world interaction was the only way other than personal ads and dating agencies that required visiting an office and creating a videotape and then getting to view tapes of the other participants, it sounds exhausting thinking back on it, and it really was. Now we can simply meet people with a swipe of our fingers on our smartphones, and with some apps simply going on looks, others require vast and extensive personality questionnaires to attempt to perfectly match you with your ideal mate. 

Sexual Education Is More Available
Do you remember when you were a kid and your options for sexual education came in three places, your parents, who often were more embarrassed than you about the subject, from the school teacher, also fairly embarrassed and then lastly, the playground rumors, definitely not as shy or embarrassed but certainly not always accurate either. For today’s youth, there is a wealth of sex ed available online which is good as they can educate themselves if they feel embarrassed to ask.