Here is how you can quit smoking

Quitting a bad habit can be a daunting task especially when you know that it gives you a great level of satisfaction and keeps you aloof from worldly issues. One such habit that has affected a lot of lives is smoking. The government has done a lot of work to ensure that people are well versed with the harmful effect that smoking can have on your health. However, the addiction level seems to have surpassed the level of knowledge that is readily available for the adverse effects of smoking. The only way to get rid of these problems is to have enough motivation and try on the methods that have helped people in the past. Some of these tried and tested methods have been mentioned as under

Setting a date: Once you have made up your mind to stop smoking, you have to put a seal to it by setting a definite date and time. A well begun war is half won. If you have the courage to set a definite time in which you will get rid of this habit, you will be able to work your way towards it. Make sure that the difference between deciding to quit smoking and the setting date isn’t much. You might feel like pushing it further but if you are able to begin the struggle on the decided date and time, you will be able to accomplish your goals in a short span. This is one of the foremost steps that makes smoking a special thing for the time left to smoke. Since you learn to rejoice in the leftover time, you will eventually find yourself losing out on the habit more often.

Be excited about quitting: it is a hard thing to do in a world where you are bogged down by responsibilities and the only solace is smoking at the time of need. But if you look forward to something with excitement and think about the health benefits time and gain, you will be able to quit smoking in no time. Keep in mind that smoking does no good to your body at all. Rather, when you feel excited about adopting a better lifestyle, you will feel that there is a new surge of energy that helps you keep all the negativity at bay and help you get over bad habits like drinking and smoking without any hassles.

The physical fight: if you are not a chain smoker, the physical struggle of nicotine will pass off very quickly. For other, you might need an emotional and mental support that can help you quit. Smoking can easily be done and over with like ripping a bandage. If you think that reducing the smokes to eventually drop the habit one day is a better method then you are mistaken. The body might demand some level of nicotine that can be helped with chewing gum or the patches available in the market. Vaping also reduces struggle of smoking for a chain smoker and helps to quit. Although we suggest against it.  It is this fighting of urges that will help you become better and stronger every waking hour of the day.

Socialize: when you socialize and discuss your issues with other rather than mulling over it on your own, you will be able to fight the urges better. It helps in revving up the energy levels when someone positively helps you fight a bad habit. You can involve your family and close friends and ask them for their support in getting over the habit. The times that you have spent on smoking can now be spent on connecting with people. You could also joina group that helps you connect with people who are undergoing similar issues. When you hear about their stories, it gives you the energy to fight your own battle.

Enjoy the freedom: you will end saving a lot when you do not smoke and time that you spent on smoking will now be spent on other productive activities. This freedom to enjoy your life and turn it around and move into a better direction. Try to think about the positives in your life and cherish the moments with your loved ones so that you can give up smoking immediately.