Help For the Broken Hearted: 10 Must-Have Tips For Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

There’s nothing easy about going through a divorce. Even in the best case scenario, it is a painful experience. After all, no one enters marriage planning for it to end.

Hiring a good divorce lawyer is the best way to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. And yet finding the attorney that is best for you can be a challenge.

This article takes a look at what you should know when seeking representation to handle your divorce proceedings. Keep reading to get a better understanding of what to expect.

1. Understanding the Process

Divorce can be complicated and confusing. This is made even worse by emotional distress. It’s often hard to think straight and to make the best decisions.

After all, there are so many factors to consider. Such as children, money, and assets like homes and other forms of property. It can feel like your world is falling apart.

A good attorney will help you understand the legalities of divorce, as well as the timeline for how the process will proceed.

2. Understand What You Need from an Attorney

Keep in mind that not every attorney is the same. Most lawyers specialize in different aspects of the law. Thus not every attorney will be able to give you optimal guidance regarding divorce.

We encourage you to do research online. Learn the right questions to ask. Because the more informed you are when it comes time to interview potential attorneys, the more confident you will be in picking the right one to handle your case.

3. Get Recommendations

Unfortunately, there are few lives that remain untouched by divorce. This means that many of your friends and family will have dealt with divorce attorneys.

Talk to as many people as possible about their experiences, and ask for recommendations. After all, you trust loved ones to guide you to lawyers who will provide the finest legal counsel possible.

4. Meet with Multiple Attorneys

Never hire the first attorney you talk to. It’s best to meet with several, ask them all the same questions, and carefully assess the way they answer, their knowledge of the law, and how they speak to you.

Do they show respect? Do they talk down to you? Do they answer with specifics or in generalities?

Keep in mind that the way an attorney speaks to you in the interview will most likely be how they treat you when hired.

5. Pick the One that is Right for You

Once you’ve interviewed several attorneys, it’s time to choose one. This can be a nerve-racking process. Each will have different strengths and weaknesses.

The key is picking the one that you believe will best serve your interests and treat you fairly.

6. Discuss the Costs

Make no mistake, divorce can be expensive. Once you’ve picked an attorney, ask about their fees. Do they charge a flat rate or by the hour?

It’s a smart idea to ask for an itemized list of expenses that they will charge you for. Also, find out if the lawyer will be working on the case alone or with a team because this can drastically impact the cost of representation.

Keep in mind that good legal representation isn’t cheap. But you also want to make certain that you are being treated fairly and won’t be billed for any unexpected expenses. The more you understand about their billing system upfront, the better.

7. Ask About Communication

Again, every lawyer is different. But good communication between attorney and client will help develop trust and provide a sense of security.

Ask your attorney about the level of communication you should expect. Do they provide weekly updates? Will communication come primarily by phone calls or emails?

Also, ask if the attorney will contact you directly or have a member of their staff provide updates.

Depending on how complicated the case is, the process could last months or even years. This can become both exhausting and expensive. Thus the more contact the better.

8. Try to Stay Positive

Divorce is filled with emotional turmoil. Few experiences in life are as painful as the breakup of a family. This can be a source of tremendous stress that leads to anxiety and depression.

As impossible as it may feel at the moment, we encourage you to make an effort to keep a positive mental attitude. Staying positive will help you stay strong, and you’ll need all the strength you can get.

Remember all things pass, and thus the trauma of this unfortunate experience will pass as well. The pain will fade, and happier times will return. There’s no benefit to falling victim to depression, so try to sleep, eat a healthy diet, and fill your mind with happy thoughts.

This is obviously challenging but worth the effort.

A good no fault divorce lawyer can help keep the stress and anxiety to a minimum.

9. Watch for Red Flags

During this time it can be hard to focus, and it can be tempting to let certain things slide. But try to pay close attention and watch for red flags.

Potential red flags could be lack of communication, unreturned calls, a lack of progress in the case, or fees for things that don’t appear related to your case.

10. Listen to Your Gut

Ultimately, you have to be able to¬†trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel quite right, this could be a sign that there are problems.

No matter what your attorney says, if it doesn’t make sense to you, then maybe it’s time to slow down, ask questions, and demand clarification. This is your life and your divorce, after all, and you need to feel confident that it is being handled with utmost professionalism and respect.

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be traumatic. It takes a toll on everyone involved. But hiring an experienced divorce lawyer can help make a painful experience a little easier.

Finding the right lawyer for you can be challenging, but the tips in this article will help make the best choice possible.

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