Great White Teeth Are the New Status Symbol

Forget big houses, fast cars and fancy yachts. The new status symbols are not ultra-expensive possessions to try and wow your friends with, but what’s in your mouth. Cosmetic dentistry is emerging as the new frontier in transformative makeovers that turns an ugly set of gnashers, with teeth sticking out at all angles, chipped and way off-white, into a million-dollar smile that dazzles.

And, it turns out, more people are now interested in having cosmetic dentistry than other self-improvement procedures, like Botox and dermal fillers, according to the results of a survey earlier this year. It’s not surprising, because many people are simply unhappy with the way their teeth look and would love to have a celebrity smile that radiates health and happiness. Now, with cheap cosmetic dentistry, they can. 

What Is Cheap Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cheap cosmetic dentistry has been made possible due to the development of innovations in dental technologies. Instead of the lengthy and sometimes uncomfortable cosmetic dentistry of the past (as well as the high cost), to fit crowns and veneers, today it’s fast, comfortable and you can have new teeth in just a day. It’s an almost instant smile makeover that’s delighting people around the world as they say goodbye to bad teeth and hello to a brand new set of pearly whites that shine. 

These days, many dental practices around the world have a complete smile makeover set-up installed where cosmetic dentistry can be carried out. It involves using a camera to take detailed scans and images of a person’s teeth, and from there, a sophisticated computer programme works out the dimensions of the crowns or veneers to be made and fitted. This eliminates the need for a patient to bite down on a mould for an extended period — usually leading to jaw ache — to take an impression of their teeth. It’s then over to an on-site milling machine to fashion veneers or crowns out of a piece of porcelain and make any necessary corrections, so they fit perfectly. 

Crowns and veneers are both made from hard-wearing and stain-resistance porcelain. The difference between the two is that crowns encase an entire tooth — which also helps to protect it from decay — while veneers are a thin sliver of porcelain that’s only bonded to the front of a tooth. In both cases, the tooth has to be filed a little, so there’s room for the crowns or veneers to fit into place, but as crowns take up more space, more filing is required than with veneers. Dentists like this dentist in Chattanooga will recommend the best solution for individual patients, and if they are a suitable candidate for cosmetic dentistry.

Growing Demand for Cheap Cosmetic Dentistry

Back to the survey, and it reveals that more people in the UK are interested in actively having cosmetic dentistry procedures than in the US, where crowns and veneers have long been popular. As a result, many Americans have amazing teeth and smiles — and are renowned for it. 

What are the main reasons for British people wanting perfect teeth? Self-confidence was the most cited factor among respondents; they believed if they had great teeth, they would look so much better and their confidence would therefore improve. Others said they wanted to look as good as they felt, while some said they wanted to combat the ageing process and others that they just wanted to look younger and thought cosmetically enhanced teeth would take years off of them. 

With this high level of interest in cheap cosmetic dentistry, soon we could all be walking around with celebrity smiles, giving ourselves an elite status symbol that so many desire and transforming ourselves along the way.