Four tips for executing the perfect staycation

You have a few days off but don’t want to leave town. Staycations are what come to save the day and leave us fresh-eyed long after we’ve gone back to work. There is however a trick to it; otherwise, it might end up feeling like a long weekend and allows for boredom to creep in. Here’s how to get that staycation that will guarantee fun and relaxation.

Plan and don’t tell anyone

Staycations are time for yourself or with your family. Telling people, you will be at home or in town signals to them you are available. A colleague wanting to discuss a web development company project might call to ask to swing by. Your relatives might think it is an opportune time to visit. We all know that hosting is work, no matter how much you love them. To protect your staycation, be quiet about it and don’t forget to put that automated out-of-office response.

Treat it with the seriousness of a vacation

You want your home feeling like a hotel. What changes do you need to take? You might want to spend on brand new pillows, bedding, flowers or candles that speak relaxation. How about fancy mugs, ingredients for all the gourmet food you’ll be having? What about the cocktails you want to learn to make? How about the places around town you wish to go? List everything you feel would give you that divine experience of release after working hard for many months.

Remember to budget

Before you go off purchasing everything that would make for the ideal staycation, you need to make a budget for it. While that sounds odd, it helps you to either indulge more or not dry your account during a shopping spree in the name of self-care. Think of how much you would spend on a trip and splurge on what could even by a spa day. However, you still do want to go back to work with extra change.

Capture memories

Since it’s still a vacation, you want to get items that remind you of the fun downtime you had during your holiday. You can opt to get a tangible souvenir from a new place you visited in town or take photos of all the different experiences. You can take pictures of the refreshing cocktails you made, of the expedition to an indoor climbing facility, or something you’ve always wanted. You want to validate your staycation as something worthwhile and one that you should do again.