Everything You Need to Know About the Excelsior College Nursing Program

Nursing is a rewarding career with high demand and lots of flexibility and options for advancement. If you love working with people and want to advance your health care career, the Excelsior College program should be high on your list to consider.

Nursing degrees that meet you where you are

Not every student approaches a nursing degree from the same starting point. You may be able to devote all your time to your studies, or you might need to finish the program quickly. Maybe you already have some qualifications and are looking to build on them; or you might be getting in on the ground floor.

Excelsior Nursing offers associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and programs to turn your registered nurse degree into a master’s in nursing leadership, administration, or education.

You can also opt to take most courses online, making the nursing program perfect for those already in the workforce who want to move up while keeping an existing job. In some cases, you can even waive the fully online courses and take proficiency exams to leverage the professional knowledge you already have.

The accreditations you need to advance

For your degree to be useful, you need more than convenience. You need accreditations you can trust and are recognized by employers. The nursing program at Excelsior College has accreditation by both regional and nursing-specific accrediting bodies.

At the regional level, the college has institutional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This body looks at schools in the Northeast in terms of their ethics, institutional integrity, and academic rigor.

Excelsior also has accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. The ACEN is recognized by the US Secretary of Education and is especially on the lookout for “degree mills” that waste students’ time and money. Finally, Excelsior’s nursing program has accreditation from the Center for Excellence in Nursing Education.

Well-designed programs 

Many programs offer online courses, but the courses are only as good as the online platforms they run on and the professionals who teach them. The program at Excelsior is a smart choice on both counts.

The online experience starts at the website, where it’s easy to apply, call, or simply get more information. Once you begin your studies, you’ll find the technology simple to navigate. You study with live instructors and have flexibility to choose days and times that work for you. Reviewing material is easy and intuitive with the online platform.

The instructors are dedicated professional committed to teaching students a holistic approach to nursing that sees patients as unique people. Instructors will help you learn how to gather data and make smart decisions to improve quality of care for your patients.

Get a window into your future

You need to know how well a nursing program will prepare you for work. Accrediting agencies do some of that, but it’s also crucial to know what real students think of the courses they studied. Exit surveys and one-year follow-up surveys can say a lot, and Excelsior posts the results of these surveys on their school website.

These surveys show high levels of satisfaction with the program itself and the way it prepared students for their future. The one-year exit survey for those who earned an associate’s degree in nursing, for instance, shows that over 91% advanced in their career or got a pay increase after getting their degree with Excelsior.

You have many choices if you want a successful career in nursing. If you want to advance at your own pace in a highly respected and flexible course program, consider the Excelsior nursing program.