Establishing Boundaries: 4 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can become a habit in a short space of time and before you even know it, there is the chance that you could be displaying some classic signs of addiction and your alcohol intake has moved from normal levels to a volume that is cause for concern.

Ending alcohol addiction can often be a difficult process and you can learn more about some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience to prepare you for this scenario, once you have acknowledged some of the clear signs that you are drinking too much.

Regular hangovers?

There are many of us who have probably had one drink too many on a night out and ended up feeling a bit hungover the next morning, but if that is just a temporary blip in your usual drinking habits that wouldn’t really be considered a problem.

However, there should be cause for concern if you are regularly hungover in the morning.

If you are consuming moderate amounts of alcohol each week this shouldn’t cause you to experience a hangover the next morning. Moderate drinking is generally considered to be one drink per day for women and two for men.

If you are drinking excessively, a big clue that you need to take back would be the fact that you are regularly trying to combat the effects of a hangover the next day.

Not knowing when to stop

You might start out with good intentions every time you start to enjoy a drink and you might fully intend to only have one or two drinks at the most in a social situation.

However, a warning sign that you might have a drinking problem would be when you end up drinking more than you intended to on a regular basis.

Alcohol problems can quickly stem from drinking too much in a short space of time and not noticing how much you have consumed, which is likely to be more than you think if you are topping up your glass as soon as it becomes empty.

Memory problems

If you are experiencing gaps in your memory and struggle to remember what happened on a night out or meeting people, these are classic signs associated with alcohol abuse.

Temporary blackouts and regular episodes where you experience memory loss and an inability to recall details or events that shouldn’t be difficult to remember if they were very recent, all add up to a potential problem with drink.

If you are experiencing memory loss and blackouts this could be attributed to alcohol problems and action needs to be taken to address the situation.

When you prioritize drinking over other activities

Another worrying sign that alcohol consumption could be overwhelming you is when you start to neglect other responsibilities and duties.

Missing work, excusing yourself from family events, and withdrawing from a relationship is the sort of actions witnessed by loved ones if you are in denial about how much alcohol is impacting your daily life.

Prioritizing your drinking over other activities and commitments is not healthy and this sort of behavior is a clear signal that you might need to get some help with your alcohol consumption levels.