Enjoy the Desert Camping in Jaisalmer of Rajasthan

Take a camping trip of Rajasthan and explore in its distant surroundings the true nature of India, free from the mayhem of commercialized cities and towns. Give the tour a boost to Rajasthan’s fun camps and take the Thar Desert from a distinct view; sand burns in the blasting daytime, flowing into cool flocks in the evening, surrounded by the vast scenery of dune-covered land. These camping trips, recreating the eighth and twelfth centuries, take the exterior living and the interior idyllic though in fashion. These modern tents are the same as the five-star hotels, so be sure of the speciality delivery and fun dreams throughout your lives. The Jaisalmer Tour Package, with top locations for nights and deserts camps in Rajasthan where you can take part in loads of outdoor activity on dunes and appreciate a unique camping trip, is an incredible adventure under the starred evening.     

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You cannot readily dorm within dense tents that are enclosed by nothing but acres of the raw nature, belly dancing, a barbecue, social activities and bonfire which are the things that will make your stay more pleasant. Jaisalmer Tour Packagehas come with all the best adventures you can enjoy while camping in Deserts of Rajasthan. 

Night Camping in Jaisalmer

For apparent reasons, Jaisalmer places first on the night camping. More dunes in the city and a magnificent landscape in the desert of the Thar. The evening before and after the full moon is the most popular hiking evenings. One of the most popular spots for desert camping in Jaisalmer, camel desert safari and many other tourist aspects is the Sam Sand dune at Jaisalmer.

Camping in Jodhpur

Osian is the desert bordering small town in Jodhpur. It is one of the popular places to live in the desert, let alone camping. The Rajasthan tour package can provide you the best experience. It is difficult to locate night camping options here because of the large quantity of visitors. Osian offers a full-service Arabian night camping experience in comforts packed with tented accommodation.

Experience of Camping at Holy Land of Pushkar

A long stretch of smooth sand dunes is found in Pushkar. It isn’t a surprise that individuals enjoy camping there as it is the camel capital of the country. The attraction begins within the town when it goes to camping in Pushkar. A camel safari is carried through the desert village, before you set foot on the sand dunes, to appreciate the local culture for your camping experience. The services are simple, but the experience is incomparable. If you decide to take Rajasthan Tour Package for a camp on November’s complete moon evening, you can also experience the desert carnival.