Enjoy Summer in Stylish Custom Flip Flops

Summer is probably the only time in the year where everyone is expected to be enjoying the outdoors and be in their most comfortable and stylish summer wear. People often prepare for summer even during the winter season, they try to avoid eating so much food during the holidays, so they can beach body ready in summer. And in truth, summer is fun, you have every excuse to wear shorts, tank tops, bikinis and shirts in very summery prints and colors. People often go to the beach to swim or to lounge and even to party, and one thing that is always stylish this time of year are custom flip flops

    Custom flip flops are generally the footwear choice of almost everyone who is enjoying the summer, and it is probably the only time that you can pull off wearing a flip flop to places other than the beach. It is fun, colorful, and comfortable and most of all, can be custom made according to your preference and design. It is cheap and you can own as many pairs as you would like since it is not that expensive, and you can even save it for next summer too! 

Why Custom Made Flip Flops? 

    Custom made flip flops are most preferable than the regular looking flip flops sold in any beach front or outlet store. Imagine going to the beach and finding out that everyone has the same kind of flip flops! You will surely have difficulty finding out which one is yours if you decide to go to the water or you might even take a pair that is actually not yours. Custom made is the only way to make sure that your flip flop will be your own. It is not even that difficult to find, there are so many shops nowadays that will allow you to create your own flip flop. 

    Moreover, having a custom flip flop can complement your look and your sense of style, you can mix and match and you can also make it so unique and quirky that it will be an accent piece. Whichever way you want it done, you should basically start with a few pointers: 

  • Make sure to know your foot size, flip flops can vary in size and shape, some would be slender, others wide, so be absolutely sure about the shape of flip flops that will fit your feet and sense of style. You also need to consider your arch and heel support requirements, no two feet are equally the same, thus, there are many kinds of flip flops, some may be very flat, others thick, while others may also have heels. So be sure to choose which one you are most comfortable with. 
  • Consider the kind of material you prefer for your custom flip flop, mostly are made from rubber and it can be soft and lightweight, while some are heavy and hard. It really depends on what you might prefer to wear, however, if you will be walking a lot, or spend more time standing, then you have to get the thick ones as it will offer more support and protection. But if you will be lounging on the beach barefoot, then the best option are the lightweight ones. Some are also made from high quality plastics, or a combination of rubber and leather and there are also those made from synthetic rubbers. 
  • What flip flop strap do you like to wear? Would you choose the thick and wider straps, or the slim and dainty ones? Sometimes, the choice will be made by where you would be using the flip flops, if it is for the beach, then a thong strap would be nice, if you are going strolling, the single horizontal strap is also a great choice. Whatever it is you choose, make sure it will fit you well and will match with your outfits. 
  • There are hundreds of color combinations to choose from, you can even mix and match colors in a pair, you can have the practical dark hues, or the more interesting neon ones. A pop of color can be what you need to complete your look or outfit. If you really like different colors, then go on and buy as many as you want, it will not even make a dent in your passbook. 

Where to Order Custom Flip Flops? 

    Buying custom flip flops should not be difficult and complicated, and it really is not. You can order your custom made flip flops from online stores who have specialized in providing custom made flip flops as well as allowing customers to customize their own flip flops through designing it themselves. You can order from online shops, but you need to have at least a list of the things you would want in your flip flops so it would not take so much time in figuring out your own design. You can check the current stocks for a possible pair that you would adore, but if there is not one design you like, there is the option to make your own. You just need to choose your sole, straps, color and material and the embellishments you want to be placed in your flip flops. When you have made your preferences, the online store will them put it together and give you a sample picture of how it would look like, you can still change the design and will only proceed with your order if you have decided on the final design. 

    Once you have decided on the final design, the online shop will then proceed with your order and then ask you to pay for the custom flip flops in their secure and encrypted system, and all you have to do now is to wait for your order to be delivered right at your doorstep. You do not even have to wait for weeks, in as fast as three days your ordered flip flops will be ready for you to wear to that summer outing on the beach, or to just leisurely go to the park or the nearby mall.