Effects of Oversleeping

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Oversleeping can be as dangerous as not getting quality beautyrest. A lot of people during the weekend tend to oversleep in that they are trying to salvage the lost hours during the week. Truth is, it does not help at all sleeping till noon on the weekends or daily if you do not have a job. This poor sleeping patterns are detrimental to your health and have negative results that will excite you to wake up next time you plan to oversleep. A list of how oversleeping is bad for you are as below.


After its past the average sleeping time. Even though you do not want to wake up your brain has already been signaled that it is morning. Hence the longer you stay in bed the more you toss and turn and have an overall restless sleep. Frequent awakenings that you keep on fighting will eventually make you exhausted to the point of being unable to get out of bed. For this reason, the fatigue prolongs to the daytime which has its own consequences as you run the day’s errands. Exhaustion due to oversleeping leads to less productivity, low moods, impaired cognitive abilities risking your life to getting into fatalities.

Back pain 

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Whenever you have back pain that you cannot figure out the source. Consider if you have been oversleeping more frequently. It can be the main cause or it can prolong the back pain that you initially had. When you experience muscle stiffness and increased pain it occurs when you lie down for too long. According to doctors recommendations, individuals suffering from back pain should be active continuously. So sleeping in limits the time you can get to exercise making the condition prolong.

Added weight 

Oversleeping has an effect on how your body functions due to the signals it sends to the brain. As much as the body stores fat and can also lose it. This effect does not consider the diet or exercise regime you are in. The study shows that sleep alone can cause up to 21% of obese people who sleep more than ten hours. If you frequent the gym and come back home to sleep for more than the average sleeping time you could be canceling out the results of your hard work.

Poor recovery from Depression 

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A distressed person most of the time has trouble having effective sleep. Therefore, oversleeping often has a certain effect on depression patients. If your recovery from depression is not progressive, it could be since you are oversleeping and this is bad for your mental health. Additionally, distressing conditions in comparison to those who are sleeping an average of six to eight hours are fatal, to say the least. It is important to create a healthy sleep pattern to be able to cut down symptoms of depression.


If you oversleep due to having a long weekend it triggers headaches and sometimes migraines. The weekend headache is very common since the sleep pattern is disrupted and also most people are intoxicated due to use or being around alcohol, smokers and other sorts of drugs. The bodies neurotransmitters like serotonin are disrupted causing migraines due to the changes in sleep and routine schedules. Individuals that nap a lot during the day and are unable to acquire some quality sleep at night experience morning migraines due to the same shift in sleep patterns.

Rise of chronic diseases

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Heart disease is one of the most common triggered chronic illnesses that are easily provoked with people’s lifestyles. According to studies, if you tend to oversleep at night you raise your risk of getting heart diseases and diabetes up to 30%. In addition to this, they have a 35% chance of dying of the complexity that comes from this chronic illness. Type II diabetes is also a chronic illness that has been triggered by sleeping more than ten hours. Since through this the blood sugar increases and with an inactive lifestyle and weight gain the risk goes even higher.

Immature aging

When you oversleep your brain becomes dormant and ages faster. This is common among the older adults who tend to oversleep due to various reasons brought about by their lifestyle, health conditions and sometimes poor habits. The brain ages as much as two years making you feel fatigued and have poor concentration. This affects your productivity by even handling minimal tasks. Shifting into having a healthy sleep routine will assist you to lower the risk of developing worse conditions as mental degenerative disorders. 

The circadian rhythm disorder

The circadian rhythm assists a lot in enabling your internal clock to work hand in hand with your sleep patterns. When you have a distorted sleep pattern you get a condition known as the circadian rhythm disorder since it becomes out of sync with your on and off sleep patterns. When the circadian is distorted it becomes a challenge to fall asleep with ease. The circadian rhythm follows through your exposure to light and gets the cue it is time to wake up and getting this different times a day leads to this syndrome. Have a constant sleep-wake schedule to have a flowy and healthy circadian rhythm.


 Isn’t it a sad thing that you can die from the risks you expose yourself due to oversleeping? Epidemiology researchers have no exact reason why there is a link between premature death and oversleeping. However, increased risk of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases raise due to the level of inflammation and add on to some speculations on why this could be the reason.

In summary, oversleeping is a bad lifestyle habit especially if it is consistent. Suffering from the above just lowers the quality of your life and makes you a dormant human being.  Other factors are also affected by oversleeping like decreased levels of fertility. This is especially for the women that are getting vitro fertilization treatments, their levels of conceiving are as low as those who sleep less than five hours. Hindering the right release of hormones.