Debt – The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Horrid

Towards the end of 2018, Americans showed significant caution when it came to revolving credit, which includes credit card debt. The figures reveal that debt outstanding was $4.77 billion, whereas the previous month revealed a figure of $9.34 billion. While debt is often touted as the source of every financial problem the American household may experience, there are times where debt alleviates severe financial pressure and can be good for personal finances. The difference is knowing when to use the debt products at your disposal.

Know Which Debt Is Best For Certain Financial Situations

One of the fundamental mistakes consumers make when taking out debt is taking the wrong type of debt for their needs. The best is to compare the different finance types and see what the terms and conditions of the debt will be. For instance, those who are looking to take out unsecured debt should consider the differences between personal loans and credit cards, as both are unsecured but can land an unwitting consumer into big trouble if not used correctly. A longer term need is an ideal candidate for a personal loan, whereas a once-off or short-term need is best-suited for a credit card.

Great Solutions For Emergency Situations

Those who have a short term financial need such as a maintenance or servicing issue at home that simply can’t wait for payday may find a short term loan to suit their needs. Short term loans are great for unplanned events and emergencies, and due to the nature of the debt, these loans are priced pretty high. Those who need to stagger their payments or pay the debt off in installments, should consider other financing means. An example of short-term debt is a payday loan, which typically sorts out small financial issues between $500 and $1,000. These loans are repaid in full on payday, and is considered a type of bridging finance. If this is a recurring loan, it can become very expensive.

When Debt Can Land You In Hot Water

A rule of thumb for those considering taking out debt, is whether that debt is a need or a want. Consumers who run up their credit cards to fulfill wants may find themselves in a predicament when an emergency happens. This will place pressure on your financial obligations and soon, the debt spiral will begin.

Finance is sometimes unavoidable, and in the event that it’s needed, it’s important to know how to use it. Find the right finance for a particular financial dilemma in order to avoid the finance becoming a burden.