UAE is the place which is surrounded by beautiful mountains, dune deserts and beaches. Camping has become popular activity among UAE residents now days. It is an adventure and needs some measures to be taken before gearing up bag packs. Camping is the source to provide mental peace and seclusion. Temperature is down and its best season for camping! Just take 4×4 car, some camping gadgets, barbeque grills, fire woods and your tent. There are many options to set up tent and in this article will help you out in selecting some awesome spots for camping.


Liwa desert is the beautiful spot for camping as it is little quieter! It is also known as RUBH AL KHALI, this picturesque desert is the best place to escape from busy life of tall towers cities. You need to drive deeper in to vast desert and follow orange pattern sand and hook up at your favorite spot. Don’t forget the way from which you get in and don’t get lost in sand dunes. While driving into Liwa desert must take navigation map with you.


Jebel al Jais Mountain is categorized as the highest mountain in UAE. This mountain has serene beauty and the view from the top is incredible and breathe taking. The panoramic view of sunset and sunrise from the mountain is ultimate. The spot is in Ras Al Khaimah and very lovely drive between the HAJAR mountains. It has the world’s longest zip line and popular among city dwellers. You can spot you tent at top and be careful if camping there with children. In night as it gets dark so make sure you have enough equipment to tackle the situation.


Fujairah is one of the emirates of UAE with beautiful long beaches and the city is less populated and densely surrounded by mountains. It is considered as the best option for camping among the Middle East Region. It is very fascinating to set up tent on Fujairah beaches and indulge yourself in cool and calm tides. Beware while pitching up tent, not get too closer to water tides.  Over the weekends, this place gets bit busy but for weekdays camping is excellent spot.


The Fossil Rock in Sharjah also known as JEBEL MALEIHA. The place is ideal for first time campers and those who want to go in large groups.  It is famous for its rock formation and when you drive gets your Google map on and look up for a right place at Fossil Rock to pitch up your tent. You can get food from nearby market and enjoy your night in tent.


Al Qudra Lakes is perfect for the camping beginners and it is just half an hour drive from the city. Qudra has become a popular choice among the residents of UAE due to its location. When you are not in a mood to drive long for camping and really wanted to have serene beauty experience than go for Qudra Lakes. It is manmade lake but still has charm in its own way. You can spot your camp near the lake and adore wildlife as birds are mostly over the lake. On this spot you can get sporty too and rent bikes from Al Qudra Cycle Track.

A quick recap for the camping:

  • Take enough amount of water
  • Make your phone batteries full charged along with power bank.
  • Get cell phone navigation or car GPS.
  • It is suggested to travel in groups if you wanted to do camping in deep desert spots.
  • Get full fuel tank to avoid any stranded situation on road side.
  • Better to do rehearsal of pitching up tent so you can safe your time at camping spot.